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Tag Archives: Norwegian Star

Best Mediterranean Cruises in 2019

Posted on 25-Mar-2019 by Administrator
Best Mediterranean Cruises in 2019

Summer is officially here and it’s that time of the year to beat the heat and head to cooler climes, at least for a few days. Escape the oppressive heat by heading to Europe and discovering Europe differently - from the comfort of a cruise ship sailing in the azure blue waters of the Mediterranean! The Mediterranean coast is a treasure chest of mind-blowing tourist destinations, blessed natural beauty, and...

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Best Mediterranean Cruises in 2018

Posted on 02-May-2018 by Administrator

The Mediterranean region has always been a favourite holiday destination for travel lovers from all over the world. Both the Eastern and Western Mediterranean regions offer not only scenic beauty, but also a cluster of nations with rich cultural history, strikingly different cuisines and a myriad of varied historical locations, museums and nightlife options. And to top it all, these countries enjoy the belt of blue Mediterranean waters lapping at...

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