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Poseidon Expeditions

Poseidon Expeditions is known as an operator of icebreaker expedition cruises to the North Pole and cruises to Antarctica.  Founded in 1999, their first voyage to the North Pole was operated aboard the nuclear powered icebreaker Yamal, the only ship at that time that could provide safe and comfortable navigation to the "top of the world". Today, they are arguably one of the world leaders in polar expedition cruising to both the Arctic and Antarctic regions. Their icebreaker vessels are specially constructed to negotiate the waters of this region. Their ships are small and luxurious and provide the perfect balance of luxury, comfort and maximum opportunities for outdoor activities.  

Poseidon Expeditions - Destinations

  • Arctic The Arctic welcomes us with the vivid skies, unique wildlife and places of unearthly beauty, from boiling mud pools and spurting geysers to glorious glaciers and stunning waterfalls. Catch a glimpse of whales, manatees or seals, glorious snow-covered mountains, or maybe a glimpse of the elusive Northern Lights.
  • Antarctica "The White Continent"  may very well be the last frontier for cruise ravellers. Experience dazzling, ice-covered landscapes that have long captured the imagination of explorers. Discover a frosted wilderness of glistening white as far as the eye can see. Observe seals sunbathing, hear the cries of penguins and feel the unspeakable magnificence of a whale surfacing from beneath the frigid waters. Quite simply, Antarctica is unlike any other cruise destination in the world, where unique nature and wildlife species exist and in fact thrive despite the harsh climate.
  • North PoleStand on 90° North and look at the whole world beneath your feet on a cruise to the North Pole. 90° North changes every second as there is no land there, only floating, ever-moving ice. Explore the remote and beautiful islands of Franz Josef Land's Arctic archipelago as you battle through 3-meter thick ice fields where you will encounter polar bears, arctic birds and walruses. 

Additional Poseidon Expeditions Information

Our Ships

The 50 Years of Victory is the largest and most modern nuclear-powered ice breaker in the world. It is capable of forcing its way through 2.5m thick ice fields due to its spoon-shaped bow.


The Sea Explorer is a small expedition ship designed to navigate in remote regions. However, it also provides a high level of comfort especially on a cruise to Antarctica.