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Celebrity Edge - The Revolutionary Cruise Ship

Posted on 04-Jul-2019 by Deesha Jhaveri - avid traveler and cruise-lover
Celebrity Edge - The Revolutionary Cruise Ship

Over the last thirty years, Celebrity Cruises has defined luxury cruising with sophisticated, cutting-edge services, stunning spaces, world-class cuisine and fascinating on-board entertainment options. Perhaps what firmly cemented Celebrity Cruises in the hearts of cruisegoers over the past three decades is their absolute and irrefutable dedication towards bringing the best of luxury cruising for their guests. Whether it was the scene stealing Celebrity Millennium that change the course of the industry at the very beginning of the new millennium, the Celebrity Solstice series or exclusive ships aimed for fewer passengers like the Celebrity Xpedition, their ships have always been a stellar combination of leisure combined with efficiency. Another feather in their proverbial cap is the newest and proudest offering of Celebrity Cruises – the Celebrity Edge. The first of four ships in the Edge series, this 2,900 passenger mega-ship offers recreation, travel, panache and culinary delights all rolled into one unforgettable experience.

After its launch in December 2018 in the Caribbean, this ship is making its way to the Mediterranean starting this summer. These cruises cover a wide array of destinations in and around Europe, including exotic locales of Bilbao, La Coruna, Palma De Mallorca in Spain, eastern Mediterranean ports in Greece, the Dalmatian Coast and the French Riviera. While no one can doubt the beauty of these destinations, it is the journey on the Celebrity Edge that will be the most memorable part of your trip. Below are a few of the many attractions that this ship has to offer:

Magic Carpet: It is impossible to begin any description of the numerous features of the Celebrity Edge without mentioning the pride and joy of its makers (and the guests) – the Magic Carpet. It is the world’s first cantilevered, outward facing, floating platform that reaches the heights of thirteen stories above the sea level. You can traverse through the entire length of the ship while sipping a cocktail in its bar or jiving to electric live music. You can soar nearly thirteen stories above the ocean and float downwards while the sun sets on the ocean, or swim in an infinity pool on Deck 14, or have a sumptuous open-air dining experience.

Pool Deck: The Pool Deck experience comprises of lounging is a giant pool facing the vast ocean, while also surrounded by in-pool loungers, chic bars, and magnanimous LED Lights installations. It is the coolest place to hang out on the ship, irrespective of whether you enjoy swimming or not. If this wasn’t tempting enough, the Pool Deck also hosts two two-storey martini hot tubs that will help you wear off all your worries. On the periphery facing the eye of the ocean are the tiny, airy cabanas, a small piece of the ship all to yourself to devour the ocean and all it has to offer.

Rooftop Gardens: Sometimes, in the middle of all manner of luxury, the heart craves to be back in a familiar atmosphere. A stuffed comfy armchair to lose yourself with a book in hand, a playground, an aimless walk surrounded by greenery, a café with excellent coffee and conversation and maybe an excellent burger. The Rooftop Garden is an answer to al these questions, inspired by childhood playgrounds and designed with the aim of finding a place to wind down amongst all the madness of the ship.

The Grand Plaza: As the name suggests, the sheer grandeur of this atrium will leave you spellbound for a few seconds, and once you grasp its magnitude, your hands will fly off to your phone to click as many selfies here as possible (and none of them will disappoint). It is three storeys of worth of a metropolitan city captured in the heart of the ship. Its bejewelled chandelier, specialty restaurants, the Grand Plaza Café, and multiple shopping hotspots have ensured that it remains the talk of the ship, and deservingly so. While it is very likely you might visit the piazzas in Italy on the cruise, this modern, all-equipped Piazza will surely entertain you in equal measure.

Jogging Track: Like everything on this ship, this isn’t your average jogging track. Extending uphill from Deck 15 to 16, this smartly located track lets you gulp fresh sea air while getting exclusive looks at the ship’s outward design and the ocean. It is exercise that rejuvenates the body, and views that rejuvenate the mind, all at the same time. For all the fitness freaks out there, other than some terrific gyms and workout places on the ship, this spot is unmissable!

Dining with an Edge:
Celebrity Edge was designed to leave the future behind, and the lengths at which the makers have gone to give the best of culinary delights certainly demonstrates that. The ship offers twenty-nine distinct venues to celebrate and relish in great, locally sourced, organic food made with the passion by some of the word’s best chefs! Guests get to choose from four complementary restaurants each designed to provide exclusive cuisine and ambience from a particular part of the world. For Specialty Dining options, the Fine Cut Steakhouse is the haven for the connoisseurs of steak and seafood, with the widest selection available. The Le Grand Bistro brings back the feeling of sitting in a fancy restaurant somewhere in a Parisian neighbourhood with the mouth-watering sights, scents, and sounds of a bustling boulangerie-patisserie. Another charming fact about this space is that the ambience here changes constantly from morning to evening, so that every time you’re here, it’s like you’re at a whole different place!

Le Petit Chef ™ and Friends is a masterful combination of modern day, world class 3D Animation Art that meets the frolic and fun of a family restaurant. Other places worth mentioning are the Retreat Lounge, the exotic Retreat Pool Bar, the aptly named Sunset Bar, Casino Bar, the sumptuous Café Al Bacio and the partygoer’s haven The Club.

Entertainment with the Edge:
Celebrity Edge is changing the meaning of entertainment on sea, with a line-up of entertainment options that far surpasses anything one would get in such a short span of days even on land.

The Theatre is the capital (if a ship were to have such a thing) of all entertainment avenues on the Edge, an enthralling place with four stage areas, and production design splendid enough to give any leading rock concert a run for its money. The aim of the Theatre lies in trying to blur in lines between the audience and the performance, with productions by the Black Skull Creative Group Three in One Entertainment, and fantastic shows like Kaleidoscope- a high energy pop art concert and A Hot Summer Night’s Dream – an interesting mix of Shakespeare and acrobatics.

For those with their tiny tots along, the Camp at Sea is the one destination to make your kids fall in love. With over 500 activities scheduled, Camp at Sea gives a customized experience to the young sailors, so that no day at this camp is ever the same as the last. If all of this wasn’t enough to tempt the tiny humans, just tell them that it also includes the largest ever Xbox One X experience, and they’ll go berserk!

Other venues for livening up your nights and days on the ship are the Resort Deck, the Club (a venue that doubles as the discotheque and meeting ground) and the excellent Eden.

Living on the Edge:
Celebrity Edge has quite honestly set a whole another level of industry standard when it comes to accommodations with features like larger living spaces, bigger bathrooms, king sized beds in almost 99% of the staterooms and a direct-sea view in the highest number of cabins on sea ever.

The cabin classes range for specially designed Single Staterooms for solo explorers, Panoramic Ocean View Staterooms, family Suites, AquaClass, Concierge Class and exclusive Ocean View staterooms. The most memorable aspect of the Staterooms on the Edge is the Infinite Veranda, where you experience literal magic. In just the press of a button, the Infinite Veranda manages to remove all barriers leading to the Veranda, whether it be glass doors or glass windows, so that you can directly walk up to the sea and view it form the absolute comfort of your beds! Further, Infinite Verandas also allow you to merge adjoining staterooms into one huge living space, so that all your friends and family can emerge in the spirit of infinite togetherness!

If you are looking for other spots of rejuvenation and relaxation, the Spa might be your haven. Inspired by the soothing elements of other nature and the ocean itself, the Spa offers you the opportunity to rejuvenate and revisit the nuances of natural therapies while combining it with state-of-the-art technology at the same time. Look, feel and be the best version of yourself on this holiday by enjoying all the joys of the Spa.

Other Edgy Facts:
You often have to juggle a number of things on a cruise – the upcoming ports of call, the places that you want to visit, you shopping lists, and keeping track of all the onboard attractions at the same time. Thankfully for us, the Celebrity Edge has its own App that lessens over half of this burden once it is safely downloaded on your smart phone. Check in on the ship, navigate complicated decks through AI assisted deck plans, use an exclusive guest-to-guest chat, make reservations for restaurants and select activities, control basically everything from lights in your room to the temperature of your AC and even unlock the door of your stateroom using this App!

Edge Access gives you an extremely cool 3D tour of the ship and all its wonders.
Below is the sailing itinerary for the Celebrity Edge from July to September 2019.

Sailing name Departure Port & date Duration Ports of Call Cruise Fare
(Starting Prices)
7 Nights Italy, France, Monaco and Spain Rome, Italy
July 13/27, 2019
6-9 Days Barcelona; Cannes; Civitavecchia - Rome; Florence; Monte Carlo; Naples; Palma De Mallorca USD 1999
7 Nights Spain, France and Monaco Barcelona, Spain
July 06/20, 2019
August 03, 2019
6-9 Days Barcelona; Civitavecchia - Rome; Florence; Ibiza; Marseille; Nice; Valencia USD 1749
9 Nights Western Mediterranean Cruise Rome, Italy
August 10, 2019
10-14 Days Barcelona; Civitavecchia - Rome; Florence; Monte Carlo; Naples; Palma De Mallorca; Santa Margarita USD 1899
11 Nights Amalfi Coast and Greek Isles Cruise Rome, Italy
August 19, 2019
September 09, 2019
10-14 Days Athens; Catania - Sicily; Civitavecchia - Rome; Katakolon - Olympia; Mykonos; Naples; Nauplion; Santorini; Valetta USD 2849
10 Nights Italy, Spain & Monaco Cruise Rome Italy
August 30, 2019
10-14 Days Barcelona; Civitavecchia - Rome; Florence; Monte Carlo; Naples; Palma De Mallorca; Santa Margarita USD 2049
10 Nights Italy, Spain and Morocco Cruise Rome, Italy
September 20, 2019
10-14 Days Barcelona; Civitavecchia - Rome; Florence; Monte Carlo; Naples; Palma De Mallorca; Santa Margarita USD 2049

Celebrity Cruises has time and again been awarded the Best Cruise Award over the years. What sets Celebrity Edge apart though, is that this cruise is way above mere luxury cruising. Celebrity edge raises the benchmark for premier Cruise liners in every aspect imaginable. As its very motto goes, this ship was built to leave the future behind, and with it, on it, you leave behind all your worries and inhibitions.

Do not let this opportunity of a lifetime go by, book your tickets and explore the wonders of the Mediterranean Sea while on the world’s edgiest Ship!

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