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Category Archives: Cruise Liners

Sky Princess - A new Princess on the Horizon

Posted on 11-Nov-2019 by Deesha Jhaveri - avid traveler and cruise-lover
Sky Princess - A new Princess on the Horizon

Princess Cruises have always upheld the legacy of providing both, the best hospitality at high seas as well as unmatchable panache. After all, they have Princess in their very name! Starting with a single ship back in 1965, today Princess Cruises is the third largest cruise line in the world with approximately 1.7 million passengers sailing on a Princess ship each year. After the staggering success of the Royal Class...

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Celebrity Edge - The Revolutionary Cruise Ship

Posted on 04-Jul-2019 by Deesha Jhaveri - avid traveler and cruise-lover
Celebrity Edge - The Revolutionary Cruise Ship

Over the last thirty years, Celebrity Cruises has defined luxury cruising with sophisticated, cutting-edge services, stunning spaces, world-class cuisine and fascinating on-board entertainment options. Perhaps what firmly cemented Celebrity Cruises in the hearts of cruisegoers over the past three decades is their absolute and irrefutable dedication towards bringing the best of luxury cruising for their guests. Whether it was the scene stealing Celebrity Millennium that change the course of the...

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Christmas and New Year Cruise Holidays with Star Cruises

Posted on 04-Dec-2017 by Administrator

The holiday season in December is usually a festive, fun and frenetic period with families visiting throughout the season, reunions and celebrations and of course, Christmas shopping. The Christmas and New Year holiday season is one of the best times of the year to go on a holiday – the weather is great, the atmosphere is festive and electrifying and the mood is relaxed. A cruise holiday with the family...

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Royal Caribbean Cruises: A Great Way to Cruise

Posted on 03-Mar-2017 by Administrator

Ever since it was founded, Royal Caribbean has set the global standard for family cruises. Today, the company has about 17% of the global cruise market share. The company also operates a number of well-known cruise brands like Celebrity Cruises, Azamara Cruises, Pullmantur Cruises and CDF Croisières de France. The major reason for Royal Caribbean’s dominance in the cruise industry is its fleet of world-class ships that provide some of the...

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Special Cruise Offers by Ovation of the Seas

Posted on 23-Dec-2016 by Administrator

With some of the largest cruise ships in the world, Royal Caribbean accounts for around 17% of the cruise market worldwide. It is widely recognized for great passenger experience, entertainment options and a large number of innovations over more than thirty years. The Miami, FL based company has been awarded ‘Best Overall Cruise Line’ by Travel Weekly, thirteen years in a row. With a length of 348 metres, about 168,666...

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Genting Dream – Asia’s Premium Cruise Liner is launching this October

Posted on 27-Jul-2016 by Administrator

Genting Dream is the latest cruise liner to be launched by Genting Group, the world’s third largest cruise liner company. This ship, launched under the newly launched Dream Cruises brand, is the latest in a series of new cruise introductions in Asia. This ship is set to debut in November 2016, and its first sail is from Mumbai to Colombo on 29th October. With India chosen as a launch destination,...

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Quantum of the Seas - Experience a Whole New Level of Cruising

Posted on 04-Jul-2016 by Administrator

Nearly half a century since it was founded, Royal Caribbean has been setting the benchmark for cruising through its magnificent fleet of world-class ships and its continuous focus on creating innovative cruise experiences. With its headquarters in Miami, FL, the company currently operates 25 ships, many of which are among the largest cruise ships in the world, and travels to hundreds of destinations across six continents. Royal Caribbean operates five distinct...

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Compagnie du Ponant: Experience the Best of French Hospitality Along With Great Destinations

Posted on 19-Feb-2016 by Administrator

For nearly 30 years, Compagnie du Ponant has been at the center of France’s glorious maritime convention. Started in 1988 by officers of the French Merchant Navy, the Ponant, as it is commonly called, built its first yacht, Le Ponant, in 1991. Since 2010, the company has kept adding new ships to its fleet, and currently Ponant has a total of 5 ships. The award-winning cruise company provides exciting cruise...

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Norwegian Cruise Lines: Pure Relaxation, Pure Fun!

Posted on 27-Jan-2016 by Administrator

If you are looking for a cruise vacation that is truly relaxing, without having to worry about set meal timings, seating arrangements and dress codes, Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCL) is one of the best options for you and your family. With a five-decade-old history of offering innovative cruise holidays, NCL is popular for giving the industry one of its first ‘Freestyle Cruises’. Breaking free of the traditional cruising precincts, NCL offers...

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Oceania Cruises: Pamper Yourself with World-Class Luxury, Cuisine & Comfort

Posted on 25-Nov-2015 by Administrator

When it comes to luxury cruises, there are very few than match up to Oceania Cruises in terms of quality, elegance and comfort. Today, Oceania Cruises has become a leading name in the world of sophisticated, five star cruises. Founded in 2002, it is the world’s largest upper premium cruise line. With a fleet of five award-winning, luxurious ships, Oceania Cruises offers an unparalleled vacation experience, celebrated for its mesmerizing...

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