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Category Archives: River Cruises

Christmas Market River Cruises in Europe

Posted on 11-Oct-2018 by Administrator
Christmas Market River Cruises in Europe

Just like every other festival, even Christmas is celebrated with great gusto in India. Especially in the metros, there are large Christmas trees laid out in the shopping malls, schools and public places, holidays are on and many a white bearded Santa Claus can be seen at children’s events. However, what is missing in a tropical country like India is the snowy white flakes falling on rooftops and children playing...

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Luxury Cruising on the Rhine & Danube Rivers in Europe

Posted on 06-May-2013 by Administrator

Europe’s rivers were crucial in the development of its cities and towns. Life along the river was central to growth and, as a result, cruise on Europe’s rivers allows you to experience Europe in a different way - where you cruise through quaint villages, experience the wonderful cities, marvel at romantic castles along the way, while enjoying delectable continental cuisine from the comfort of a beautiful cruise ship. With luxurious...

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