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Asia, or the Far East, is a kaleidoscope of exotic sights, sounds, tastes and experiences. It is full of ancient cultures, unparalleled in exotic beauty and mysticism. The fascinating countries of Vietnam, Korea, China, Japan and Thailand are equally amazing and yet vastly different.

Experience the great Buddhas of Bangkok, the moated palaces and Shinto shrines of Japan, Neon pulses and soaring skyscrapers in Shanghai or world-class shopping in the bustling open-air markets in Hong Kong. Explore the stunning beauty of Halong Bay in Vietnam or teh sheer magnitude of the Great Wall of China in Beijing. The magic never ends on this side of the world.


Ports Of Call

Beijing & Shanghai, China – More than just a nation, China is an entire world and home to some of the most incredible sights and locations on the planet. See the ultramodern and ancient juxtaposed as gleaming skyscrapers clash against its colorful temples.

Singapore – Small in size but not in stature, Singapore is a true paradise of the East. Concealed behind high-tech industries and high-rise buildings there lives a society with an ingrained sense of conservative Confucian values. Singapore is a melting pot of nationalities and one of the most exciting Asian ports of call.

Kuala Lumpur & Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia – Malaysia is a land of emotions and sensations that transcend the concept of a tourist destination. Kota Kinabalu, the state capital of Sabah, is a relatively new town; the original one was destroyed during World War II. The smiles and politeness of the people, and the unusual contrast of the skyscrapers of Kuala Lumpur and the jungle that comes right up to the edge of the city makes this country exotic and seductive.

Fukoka, Kagoshima & Nagasaki, Japan - Cruise Japan and experience this wonderful country of eccentricity, of cutting-edge technology, of big metropolis as well as of zen and spirituality

Hong Kong – Can any city in the world top Hong Kong's phenomenal energy? Judge for yourself as you ride the tram to the top of Victoria Peak, join the surge into countless markets and watch the hardworking world of Aberdeen's fishing junks.

Cheju, South Korea - The Korean Republic is a greenland with high rocks and secret beaches set under imposing cliffs. Along the southern coast its landscape becomes more tropical and vegetation is luxuriant. In this area Korea keeps its huge ginseng reserve.

Ho Chi Minh City & Halong Bay, Vietnam – The coasts offer kilometres of breathtaking lagoons and beaches shaded by palm trees. The Red River and the outlines of the hills emphasised by the rice terraces make for an exhilarating and truly unique panorama. Halong Bay is one of UNESCO’s World Heritage sights.

Manila, Philippines - An archipelago of 7,107 islands, the Philippines stretches from the south of China to the northern tip of Borneo. Along the curve of Manila Bay lies the grand dame of Philippine cities, Manila; here beats the heart of the Philippines. Multifaceted, multilayered, lusty and lively, her streets pulsate with life at all hours; within its boundaries live the richest and poorest in the land.

Bangkok & Phuket, Thailand - Discover the ruins of ancient temples. Discover enchanting cities. Discover pristine beaches. Discover an exotic cuisine. Discover the magic of Thailand.

Jakarta & Bali, Indonesia - The islands of the Indonesian archipelago extend for almost 5,000 km from Asia into the Pacific Ocean. They are rich in natural resources and contain an incredible variety of cultures. One of the most beautiful is Bali; it seems almost to be a painting


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Client Reviews For 'Asia' cruises

Review of 2 Nights Sanya - Danang- Sanya Cruise aboard SuperStar Gemini

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Review Title : Great experience
Review posted by : Mr. Musheer Ahmed Khan
Review Posted on : 10-Jun-2014
Region : Asia
Cruiseliner : Star Cruises
Ship Name : SuperStar Gemini
Sailing Name : 2 Nights Sanya - Danang- Sanya Cruise
Departure Port : Singapore
Ports of Call : Malacca , Singapore
Date of Sailing : 28 May