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Category Archives: Mediterranean Cruises

Cruising the Adriatic and Dalmatian Coast

Posted on 29-May-2019 by Administrator
Cruising the Adriatic and Dalmatian Coast

When you think of bucket list of places to visit in Europe, almost everyone wants to travel to Paris and see the Eiffel Tower, Rome to see the ruins of the great Roman Empire, to visit the busy streets of Amsterdam, the icy mountains of Switzerland and the canals of Venice. In addition, there is a stunning region called the Dalmatian Coast that has a coastline stretching for 1,777 kilometers...

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Best Mediterranean Cruises in 2019

Posted on 25-Mar-2019 by Administrator
Best Mediterranean Cruises in 2019

Summer is officially here and it’s that time of the year to beat the heat and head to cooler climes, at least for a few days. Escape the oppressive heat by heading to Europe and discovering Europe differently - from the comfort of a cruise ship sailing in the azure blue waters of the Mediterranean! The Mediterranean coast is a treasure chest of mind-blowing tourist destinations, blessed natural beauty, and...

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Best Mediterranean Cruises in 2018

Posted on 02-May-2018 by Administrator

The Mediterranean region has always been a favourite holiday destination for travel lovers from all over the world. Both the Eastern and Western Mediterranean regions offer not only scenic beauty, but also a cluster of nations with rich cultural history, strikingly different cuisines and a myriad of varied historical locations, museums and nightlife options. And to top it all, these countries enjoy the belt of blue Mediterranean waters lapping at...

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Sail the Mediterranean aboard Royal Caribbean’s Symphony of the Seas

Posted on 02-Apr-2018 by Administrator

Embark upon an unforgettable cruising experience this summer aboard Symphony of the Seas, the newest addition to the Oasis Class of the Royal Caribbean Fleet. Explore the tranquil beauty of the Mediterranean on the largest ship on the ocean, weighing a gigantic 230,000 Tonnes with a capacity of over 6870 passengers. The ship is a floating city in itself with a wide array of activities and amenities. Accommodations range from...

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Cruise Packages in 2017 for Mediterranean & Scandinavia Regions

Posted on 11-May-2017 by Administrator

The twin attractions of the Mediterranean and Scandinavian regions bring with them ecstatic summers, sunny beaches and rich cuisine on one side, and pristine landscapes, eclectic cultures and historic cities on the other. It is no surprise that Mediterranean and Scandinavian regions are popular choices for vacationers worldwide. Surrounding the Mediterranean Sea, this part of Europe is starkly different from the colder climes of Northern Europe. Visitors to the Mediterranean...

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Take a Family Cruise Across the Mediterranean with MSC Cruises

Posted on 29-Nov-2016 by Administrator

MSC Cruises provides some of the best cruise options for families that wish to explore the Mediterranean. A rich combination of exquisite cuisine, unique cultures, untouched beaches and breathtaking visuals make the Mediterranean region one of the world’s most preferred cruise destinations. Founded in Italy and headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, MSC Cruises is the fourth largest cruise company in the world, and is one of the finest family cruise options that...

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Alaska & Europe: Popular Choices for Cruises this Summer

Posted on 15-Apr-2016 by Administrator

Cruise holidays are the flavour of the season this summer. More and more families are discovering the joys of a cruise vacation – they get to sample multiple holiday destinations without the headache of packing and unpacking each time, they get to enjoy fantastic entertainment on board the cruise with the added value of all meals being included in the cruise price. Travellers now have a wide choice of cruiseliners,...

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Cruise the Mediterranean. Discover a Melting Pot of Culture, Cuisine and History

Posted on 30-Oct-2015 by Administrator

With breathtakingly beautiful beaches, perfect climate and a unique fusion of culture, cuisine and history, the Mediterranean region is one of the most popular tourist destinations worldwide. If you’re a beach lover, a connoisseur, an explorer, or a history seeker, a cruise on the Mediterranean gives you endless possibilities to explore your passion. You can choose from a variety of Mediterranean Cruise packages. The Eastern Mediterranean Cruise packages cover the east...

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Small Ship & Yacht Cruising on the Eastern Mediterranean Coast

Posted on 30-Mar-2013 by Administrator

From legendary ruins and grand palaces to gorgeous landscapes and diverse cultures, the Eastern Mediterranean is a window to the past you cannot find anywhere else in the world. Cruises around the Eastern Mediterranean usually starts from Athens, Venice or Istanbul and visits fascinating Greek Islands like Mykonos, Santorini and Rhodes, whilst some of the small ship cruises also visit the idyllic, scenic and historic islands of Patmos, Skopelos and...

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