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Discover the Norwegian Fjords on a Cruise Holiday

Posted on 24-Apr-2013 by Administrator

There are few destinations in the world that inspire and captivate as much as Norway. This fascinating country’s long coastline is punctuated by fjords all the way from Oslo in the southeast to the Arctic north and serves as the gateway to well over 3,000 fjords. The fjords are beautiful, timeless, and everyone’s idea of the soul of Norway.Norway’s fjords carved by vast glaciers over millions of years allow access to the country’s lacerated western coastline and hidden inlets – Norway’s “fingers”. The most dramatic are those found along the west coast, with steep mountain walls rising up from the water, and small farms clinging to every ledge and hectare of green. The Norwegian Fjords are not only home to some of the world’s largest coral reefs and most fertile fishing grounds, but are a gateway to nature’s nirvana. It’s not only UNESCO that views the Norwegian fjords as exceptional; National Geographic Magazine has named the fjords “the best unspoiled travel destinations in the world”. Delving into its few best portals will take you on a journey like none other on the planet, and will leave you changed forever.

Sognefjord: The spectacular Sognefjord is the crowning glory of the Norwegian Fjords, when it concerns magnitude. Offering some amazing sights with the cliffs on either side of the water rising over 1000 meters into the sky vertically, it’s the second largest fjord in the world and the largest in Norway – 205 km.

Geirangerfjord: A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Geirangerfjord is famous for its emerald waters and stunning waterfalls; it’s arguably the most beautiful of the Norwegian fjords. The fjord is home to the Bridal Veil and The Seven Sisters; two of the most famous waterfalls diving into the Geirangerfjord.

Hardangerfjord: Known for its great trekking spots and beautiful plant life, Hardangerfjord is the second largest fjord in Norway and the third largest on the planet at a length of 179 km. The charm of these wide and glorious fjord curves is hidden in its rich heritage, great sunsets and spectacular panorama.

Nærøyfjord: An arm of the Sognefjord, and only 250 meters (820ft) at its narrowest, the peaceful “Narrow fjord” is another UNESCO World Heritage Site. The fjord freezes over in winter, but in summer it is popular with kayakers.

Lysefjord: The main attraction of the fjord is the Pulpit Rock (Preikestolen), which towers an impressive 604 meters over the Lysefjord. The imposing Kjerag towers and the exhilarating Pulpit Rock make this famous fjord a must visit. This summer, CruiseBay gives you the perfect opportunity sail on a Norwegian cruise to appreciate these fjords in their full glory as you cruise through the UNESCO-protected landscapes. On a Norwegian cruise, you will see some of the world’s most awe-inspiring natural wonders, coupled with captivating Nordic culture. Cruise through deep Fjords that slice through mountains and experience stillness and natural beauty like no other. Sail past imposing mountains and wooden houses that perch on the edge of the shores, witness a backdrop that changes daily during your cruise through the Norwegian Fjords and discover for yourself why the lush greenery, snow-capped mountains & striking coastlines make the Fjords one of the world’s most captivating natural tapestries. The few of the popular cruises that operate cruises to the Norwegian Fjords are:

No one knows the Norwegian coast like Hurtigruten. Hurtigruten (meaning “fast route” in Norwegian) began life in 1893 and has been carrying local passengers, visitors and freight between cities, towns and hamlets. Until 2007, the line was known as Norwegian Coastal Voyage. Known fondly as the ‘’coastal steamers’’ or the ‘’mail boats’’, these vessels provided a vital lifeline to areas isolated from other forms of transportation. The line has served the isolated towns and villages sprinkled throughout the shoreline and fjords of Norway’s western seacoast between Bergen on the south and Kirkenes, about 240 miles above the Arctic Circle. All Hurtigruten ships are equipped with a wide choice of cabins, comfortable panorama lounges and ample deck space with perfect views of the untouched, unmistakably Norwegian coastline. At the same time, each of the 11 ships has its own distinct style and something unique to offer. Hurtigruten delivers passengers and freight to 34 ports, many of which are less known among tourists. Each port has its own character; some are tranquil hamlets on tiny islands, others bustling towns with fishing, mining or shipbuilding industries.

Princess Cruises
Princess Cruises has grown to become the third largest cruise line in the world, renowned for innovative ships, an array of onboard options, and an environment of exceptional customer service. A recognized leader in worldwide cruising, Princess offers approximately 1.3 million passengers each year the opportunity to escape to the top destinations around the globe, aboard a fleet of 16 modern vessels. More than any other mainstream cruise line, Princess Cruises successfully balances cruise traditions with cruise innovations to offer an experience that suits a variety of travel styles. Princess Cruises offers a 12-day excursion exploring the fjords of Norway. Departing from London, the cruise takes passengers through five ports of call in Norway including Bergen, Olden, Hellesylt, Gerainger and Alesund. The cruise is rather exclusive -it embarks just once per year, usually in June.

MSC Cruises 
Experience the sheer pleasure of cruising with one of the most modern and luxurious fleets in the world with MSC Cruises. MSC Cruises pride themselves on Italian style, exceptional comfort, warm hospitality and strong environmental credentials. This young MSC fleet is modern and sophisticated, with a reputation as having some of the cleanest ships at sea. MSC Cruises is the only company in the world to receive the “6 Golden Pearls” award from the Bureau Veritas in recognition of its high level of quality management and environmental responsibility. While onboard, enjoy life’s comforts, from the sauna to the massage as well as culinary delights, the best entertainment and all the pampering that a luxury vacation demands. Throughout the summer MSC offers many cruise options that depart from Copenhagen and visits ports of Kiel, Oslo, Stavanger, Bergen, Flam, Bremerhaven, Olden, Alesund, Dover and Hellesylt/Geiranger.

Celebrity Cruises
Celebrity Cruises have redefined what you can expect from a luxury cruise. Chic, contemporary spaces, a real grass lawn on the top deck, award-winning cuisine and fine wines, paired with intuitive and personalized service. Each of the 11 cruise ships in the fleet is fitted out to the highest standard and delivers an unsurpassed level of comfort, with stunning spaces designed by some of the world’s most famous architects and interior designers. The smart design is matched with fresh and contemporary decor and a dedicated 24-hour stateroom attendant adding up to provide you a perfect retreat. 

Holland America For more than 139 years, Holland America Line has explored the far corners of the world, providing the discerning traveler with the finest cruise experience on the seven seas. Holland America offers award-winning service and a traditional style of cruising with a modern flair. Each ship is elegantly appointed with fine art and nautical antiques, and crew members are gracious and dedicated to providing the best possible cruise experience. Large paintings of old HAL ships hang in the stairways, and floral themes, ship memorabilia, antiques and Indonesia touches all provide a subtle link to the line’s heritage. Holland America Line’s exclusive $150 million ‘Signature of Excellence’ features product enhancements centered around the five main areas of the cruise experience: dining, accommodation, service, activities and destinations, reaffirming the company’s position as leader in the ‘premium’ market – and ensuring that guests receive the finest cruise at the best value for money. The cruise journey starts off from Dover and visits ports of Bergen, Flam, Alesund, Eidfjord, Oslo, Kristiansand, Stavanger and Ulvik along the way.

Royal Caribbean Royal Caribbean International is the world’s largest and most innovative cruise line, with a young fleet of 22 state of the art ships that cover 6 continents and touch more than 270 destinations worldwide. Royal Caribbean has a reputation of having the most innovative and exciting cruise ships in the travel industry. Described as “mass with class”, the line has plenty of personality to go with its looks. With amazing onboard activities, exciting dining and entertainment options, breathtaking shore excursions, quality of service that’s second to none along with a variety of innovative features, such as an ice skating rink, a rock climbing wall and miniature golf makes a journey on Royal Caribbean a truly royal experience. The start off point to the enthralling western fjords journey begins at the beautiful city of Oslo covering the towns of Bergen, Geiranger, Stavanger and Alesund.

Costa Cruises 
Famous for the architectural and decorative aspects of its ships, Costa Cruises illustrates a collaboration of esteemed architects and world renowned artists. Currently operating a fleet of 15 ships, Costa continues to grow providing warm hospitality, never-ending entertainment and authentic Italian cuisine. The suites aboard Costa Cruise Lines are often referred to as “La Dolce Vita”, meaning The Suite Life. Navigating through the fjords, you can admire the beauty of the landscapes passing a short distance from the coast, as some fjords are navigable for tens of kilometers in total silence, in a very special atmosphere. A place so beautiful the sun is reluctant to set, on a fjord cruise you’ll benefit from near endless light night in the summer months and a chance to see the incredible phenomenon of the ‘midnight sun’ which is what this region is famous for.

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