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Cruising in the Caribbean

Posted on 07-Mar-2013 by Administrator

The Caribbean is definitely the most popular of all the cruising regions in the world. It is really in a league of its own. Escape to blissful tranquillity, where palm trees sway contentedly in the tropical breeze and sandy white beaches are wrapped in turquoise waters. For a spot of activity, sapphire-blue waters promise adventures above and below the waves. Colonial ports painted in pastels beckon with a kaleidoscope of delightful markets, old forts and beaches. Experience the laid-back charm of the locals together with sophisticated shopping and exquisite cuisine. This, is the perfect vacation!

Sailing itineraries to the Caribbean Cruise from Miami or Ft. Lauderdale to Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands and the Bahamas in the Eastern Caribbean or take a Western Caribbean cruise from Houston, Tampa, New Orleans or Miami visiting Mexico, Jamaica and the Cayman Islands. Your other option is a Southern Caribbean cruise either from Miami or San Juan in Puerto visiting St. Thomas, Barbados, and Aruba. Presenting the highlights of some of the key ports in the Caribbean:

Nassau, Bahamas – Picture an idyllic place with stretches of perfect white-sand beaches, gracefully swaying coconut palms offering oases of shade, and warm, crystal-clear waters revealing the secrets of incredible multi-coloured marine life. This is Nassau.

San Juan, Puerto Rico – Historic San Juan, once nothing more than cobblestone streets and the distinctive architecture of the Spanish, who founded it, is now a modern world capital. Puerto Rico’s landscape encompasses mountains, underground caves, coral reefs, white-sand beaches and an incredibly massive rain forest that supplies fresh water to most of the island.

Belize City, Belize - With miles of lush tropical rain forest, a gorgeous Caribbean coastline and the longest barrier reef in the Western Hemisphere, it doesn’t take long to realize why Belize City is known as “The Jewel.” Located between Mexico and Guatemala, Belize possesses a unique combination of modernity and rustic Caribbean charm.

Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands - Grand Cayman is one of a group of three magnificent tropical islands Christopher Columbus called “Las Tortugas” (the turtles) for the sea creatures he found in the ocean water. Few places in the world rival the undersea sensations of the Cayman Islands. Kissed by sparkling, turquoise waters, is a dream come true for water sports enthusiasts

Cozumel, Mexico - Just off the Yucatan Peninsula is Cozumel, Mexico’s largest island and gem of the Caribbean for scuba diving and home to the world famous Palancar Reef, which gives divers the opportunity to view thousands of brilliantly coloured fish. The Conquistadors first saw Mexico from the shores of Cozumel while searching for gold. Today, visitors to the island continue to seek out gold and silver jewellery in the shops of San Miguel while having a great time in its many local bars and restaurants

St Thomas, US Virgin Islands – Pastel-coloured houses and breath taking panoramas is the hallmark of St Thomas. While the beaches and ocean are beautiful, there is one thing that really sets St. Thomas apart – shopping. Browse through the shop-lined streets of Charlotte Amalie and find out why St. Thomas is called the “duty-free shopping capital of the world.

Bridgetown, Barbados - High tea and cricket in the afternoons remains a tradition on the very British island of Barbados, also called the “Little England” of the Caribbean. The Bajan landscape, with its breath taking panoramas of oceans and valleys, is the perfect setting for snorkelling in turquoise waters, touring historic sites or taking in a round of golf.

Entertainment Packed Cruise Ships. Caribbean cruises have a range of entertainment options for tiny tots, children, teenagers, newly-wed couples, and even elderly. You can try your hand at rock climbing while your spouse is taking cooking classes. Participate in trivia contests, line-dancing, 3D games, wine-tasting from amongst a range of choices from your daily activity menu or just lie on the deck under the sun after a dip in the pool. Indulge in a couple massage with your spouse, try your luck at the casino or hit the night club to let your hair down. The options are endless! Ships from across the world of all sizes from the best cruise liners compete to be in the Caribbean cruise business. The two of the biggest cruise ships sailing in the Caribbean are Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Ships and the Allure of the Seas.

Planning your day on a Caribbean cruise Rise and shine in the morning to the lovely view of the sun as you sip your favourite coffee while reading the latest newspaper. Read the circular of what will be happening during the day on the cruise and plan your day. Hit the gym for your regular workout and wind up the morning with a sumptuous breakfast. Opt for the shore excursion organised by the cruiseliner or just discover the beautiful Caribbean islands on your own. If you decide to stay onboard the ship for the day, there are activities for all ages catering to varied preferences. If you are sports inclined, then play a game of basketball, volleyball, mini golf or squash. If you want to learn a new skill then join an activity class where you can choose from napkin folding, cooking, wine tasting, flower arranging, etc. Watch live performances besides the pool or watch a movie at the theatre, yes, at the cruise itself. The deck has exclusive activities for kids where they can learn and have fun. Teenagers can head to discos, hangouts, DJ training, waterslides, pajama parties, 3D gaming centre and more. There is no better place for foodies than a cruise ship to enjoy delicacies from around the world.

Tips to make the best of your Caribbean cruise vacation. 1. There are ships of all shapes and sizes that sail the Caribbean with more or less similar itineraries to Eastern, Western and the Southern Caribbean so its critical to choose the“ right ship” to enjoy your Caribbean holiday 2. Western Caribbean ports offer a greater variety of activities than Eastern Caribbean; in addition to the beaches & shopping, you can hike through rainforests or explore ancient Mayan ruins. 3. Explore the islands on your own – its easy to get around with public transport in most Caribbean ports. You also have everything you need – restaurants, bars, beaches, shopping – right in proximity to the vessel. 4. Hurricane season in the Caribbean runs from June until November and cruise lines will alter the itinerary if the need arises.

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