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See the Best of Northern Europe on a Scandinavia Cruise

Posted on 26-May-2017 by Administrator

Lying on the north of the Baltic Sea, Scandinavia is one of the most picturesque regions in Europe. The region consists of seven countries, but three countries, Norway, Sweden and Denmark, make up for most of the landmass. The region is known for its spectacular natural beauty, including its famous fjords, snow-capped peaks, expansive forests, beautiful lakes and an untouched coastline. Scandinavian countries are well known worldwide for adventure and sports, including skiing, sailing, hiking and white water rafting.

A cruise is a great way to experience the best of Scandinavia. Sailing to some of the world’s most modern cities like Stockholm, Copenhagen, Bergen, Arhus and Oslo, travellers can experience the best of European architecture, history, cuisine and nightlife.

Important ports of call on a Scandinavian Cruise:

Most cruise itineraries make it a point to cover the following ports

Copenhagen, Denmark
Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, is considered among the happiest places in the world to live in. With a history that goes back nearly a thousand years, the city is a mix of ancient monuments, museums, trendy cafes and modern urban architecture. When in Copenhagen, make sure you visit the legendary Kalmar Castle, explore the shopping areas at Stroget, and take a trip to Bakken, the oldest amusement park in the world. Those with a penchant for modern art and entertainment can take a trip to the ARKEN Museum of Modern Art and the Den Blå Planet, one of the largest aquariums in Europe. 

Stockholm, Sweden
The capital of Sweden consists of 14 islands on Lake Malaren that are connected by around 50 bridges. Stockholm has the reputation of being one of the greenest, most beautiful and sophisticated cities in Europe. At the same time, it also has great history, and in many parts, shows itself to be an old town filled with castles and middle aged alleys. Travellers must make sure they visit historic monuments like the Stortorget Square, the cathedral, and the Royal Palace. This city has one of the largest collections of museums in the world. Any trip to Stockholm would be incomplete without visiting the Vasa Museum, which houses a four hundred year old warship.

Bergen, Norway
The second largest city in Norway is known for its beautiful waterfronts and excellent hiking options. Bergen is surrounded by seven mountains comprise Byfjorden, one of the best fjords in West Norway. The city is also known as the gateway to the fjords.

Inside the city, most of the major attractions can be covered on foot. Some of the most famous sites in Bergen are the Bryggen, which is a centuries old wharf, and the Mount Ulriken Cable Car. Also, make sure you take a walk into a few of the quaint Nordic cafes and try out some unique Nordic cuisine, such as whale or reindeer. 

Oslo, Norway 
The capital of Norway gives you the feeling of a small fishing town on one hand, and a modern city with cutting-edge architecture, on the other. Attractions like the Astrup Fearnley Museum and the various art parks give visitors a feel of Oslo’s unique personality, highlighted by a strong focus on modern art. Oslo has many museums that showcase Norway’s great Viking legacy. Visitors to Oslo must not miss the Royal Palace, the Opera House, the Oslo Cathedral, the City Hall, the National Gallery and the Viking Ship Museum. You can also sail through the Oslofjord which runs through some parts of Oslo. 

Arhus, Denmark
Also called the ‘City of Cafes’, the second largest city in Denmark is a major cultural center known for its multicultural vibe, beaches, lakes and charming old buildings. The city is replete with trendy cafes and high-end restaurants that specialize in delectable Scandinavian dishes such as smorrebrod. Arhus is also famous for the Aarhus Festuge, a ten day cultural festival, and NorthSide, an annual music festival held over three days. The ARoS museum gives visitors a glimpse of historical European art, going as far back as the Golden Age. Visit the exceptional Old Town museum ‘Den Gamle By’, the oldest church in Scandinavia “The church of our Lady”, and the Clausholm Castle.

Popular Cruise Liners that Operate in Scandinavia:

Almost every leading cruise liner sails in Scandinavia. Here are some of the major fleets operating in this region between May and September every year.

Princess Cruise Lines: With a fleet of 16 spectacular ships, the Princess Cruise Lines offers 10 – 14 day Scandinavia cruise packages that cover major ports of call like Copenhagen, Arhus and Oslo. With amazing ambience and outstanding on-board service on board, the cruise caters to all kinds of travellers.

Celebrity Cruises: Symbolizing ‘Modern Luxury’, Celebrity Cruises provide beautiful, luxurious staterooms, inviting public spaces, spas to unwind and some of the best restaurants and bars on board. It offers 10-14 days cruises to North- Europe aboard the Celebrity Constellation. 

Holland America: Holland America is known for providing exquisite cruise experiences since 1873. Holland America’s MS Eurodam, MS Ryndam, MS Rotterdam and MS Prinsendam offer 12 to 36 day cruises to North Europe from May to August. Holland America cruise packages cover many important destinations, including Stockholm, Copenhagen and Arhus. Enjoy great service, numerous entertainment options, fun activities and luxurious suites on a Holland America cruise.

Norwegian Cruise Line: Known for its ‘freestyle cruising’ concept, Norwegian Cruise Line has no restrictions in terms of attire, seating, meal timings etc. The Norwegian Star offers 10-14 day cruises from July to September.

Royal Caribbean: It is the world’s second largest cruise line with a fleet of 22 world-class ships. The Legend of the Seas offers 6 - 9 day cruises and the Brilliance of the Seas offers 10 - 14 day cruises to North Europe in May. Cruise to major Scandinavian ports of call like Copenhagen, Bergen, Stockholm and more with a truly royal experience on board the Royal Caribbean.

Best Time to Travel
The prime season was earlier limited from July to August but cruises now start from May and go on till September. June is an ideal time to visit if you want to experience slightly cooler temperatures, get cheaper packages and also avoid the summer crowd.

Author The author is a travel blogger and writes about popular holiday destinations and cruise packages. In this particular article, he talks about popular cruise destinations and cruise liners for Scandinavian cruises in 2017.

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