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Discover Hawaii & the Pacific Islands on a cruise holiday

Posted on 06-Sep-2014 by Administrator

The South Pacific Islands hold an abundance of natural treasures from the legendary beauty of French Polynesia's Bora Bora to the diverse, yet singular Polynesian culture. Experience the warmth of the Pacific spirit. For a taste of the exotic, explore the island nations where life is simple and the customs and rituals of ancient cultures are still revered. Witness nature at her extravagant best in Hawaii, from fiery volcanoes to cascading waterfalls, from winding back roads to lush rain forests and orchid-scented botanical gardens. Cruising is the best way to discover these jewels scattered in the Pacific Ocean.

The lure of lush tropical volcanic islands of Hawaii calls everyone to be the spectator of its vast serene beaches. Come and feel your feet deep inside green, black and yellow sand, breathe the fresh air and drift your thoughts to a land of tranquility. Hawaii is one of the most magnificent island states spread out in length over the Pacific Ocean. Consisting of eight islands all-together, Hawaii is the largest after which comes the other seven, namely Niihau, Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, Lanai, Kahoolawe and Maui. Each of these amazing lands of heaven carry in their bosom, unique atmosphere, luminous charm, stunning beaches, vibrant sunsets, candescent tropical forest, exciting volcanic peaks, coffee plantation, humpback whales and picturesque sights that would just blow your mind.

Must see places in Hawaii Maui The chain islands of Hawaii are a sight worth experiencing. The most marvelous of them all is Maui which is spread out to 727 square miles. This is a land where you would find beaches with yellow sands and opportunities to see the humpback whales between December to May. Maui also houses world’s largest dormant volcano, Haleakala National Park.

Famously known as the ‘Garden Isle’, Kauai is a land with abundance of rainfall that transcends the island to a land of green valley. It is actually an island that stretches out 3 miles above the ocean floor and you will find some amazing restaurants to try out the mouth-watering cuisines and also stroll around in its small villages. You must have already seen its terrain on-screen if you have seen Jurassic Park, now it’s an opportunity to see it for real. 

Hilo and Kona 
Hilo is one of the most enthralling places because its sand turns from green to black to yellow. It is clearly the wettest city of Hawaii with rainfall of around126 inches all round the year. While here, you can enjoy the cascading waterfalls, surfing through the luminous waves and also espy an active volcano right before your eyes. Kona coast on the other hand is basically an island with sunny white sandy beaches and lava rocks all around. This is the home of the coffee and chocolate factories which you can visit for a taste of dark chocolate. It also has a botanical garden with plants and trees that you may have never seen before. On this side of Kona, you can also enjoy exciting water sports.

Oahu is the island with pleasant climate and the best weather. Visit the magnificent Pearl Harbor and the USS Arizona memorial which the most famous attraction around the area.

Best time to visit Usually, the average temperature of Hawaii is between 18 to 32 degree Celsius and with the confusion of a wet/dry season and a high/low season to travel, the best time to travel is from April to October because this is the time when the island has its best weather condition. Avoid travelling during the last week of April and early May because it is the Golden Week of Japan when most of the businesses are closed and almost everyone in a mood for vacation heads to Hawaii.

Recommended Itinerary (7 days cruise) Day 1 Embark on your ship in Hawaii where you would be escorted to your cabin. Your ship departs Honolulu by 7 PM. Day 2 Arrive at Maui at 8 AM and you can visit all the beautiful places with the assorted guide or you can choose to visit the island on your own. Overnight at Maui Day 3 A whole day to enjoy another breath-taking day at this auspicious beach. Departs to Hilo from Maui at 6 PM Day 4 Arrive Hilo at 8 AM. A trip to the active volcano with guide in the morning after that you have the day to your own. Departs Hilo at 6 PM Day 5 Arrive Kona at 7AM. You can relax at the beach or be adventurous with the enthralling water sports or visit the chocolate factory for a flavor of the most authentic dark chocolate. Departs Kona at 6 PM Day 6 Arrive Hawiliwili at 8 PM. Overnight stay. Day 7 Departs Hawiliwili at 2PM Day 8 Arrive Honololu at 7AM 

French Polynesia
French Polynesia, dispersed in the South Pacific Ocean is composed of 118 islands and it is a combination of high islands to atolls at the same place. The country is spread out to 4000 square kilometers which makes it as big as Europe and its islands are grouped into 5 archipelagos- Society, Marquesas, Tuamotu, Austral and Gambier. Filled with endless sunny beaches and turquoise lagoons, it is known for its deep Polynesian culture and the warm and welcoming people. Buy a Polynesian handicraft from the bazaars or buy Black Pearls grown in Tuamotu islands or get a tattoo done which is a part of their cultural attribute.

Must-see places in Pacific Islands Tahiti island Fresh Polynesia is popular mostly because of its main island Tahiti, a land that radiates a solemn laid-back tranquility for singles, romantic sunsets for couples, posh restaurants with mouth-watering cuisines for foodies, huge assortment of aquatic events for the adventure seekers. Often regarded to be the best place for newly married couples, it is a destination that would beckon for any special celebration like an anniversary or a birthday.

Bora Bora
Known world over to be the most pristine and beautiful island in the world, Bora Bora surely does live up to its reputation. Only 155 miles north east from Tahiti in French Polynesia, it is an island of dreams that has everything from the high-end resorts to incredible sights, warm turquoise waters and snow-white ring of sands cocooned between two majestic peaks- the Mount Pahia and Mount Otemanu. You can spend a day here simply lounging on the beach or floating in a lagoon. Scuba diving and snorkeling are two activities worth doing here because they are world class and you can expect to see some friendly sharks and rays during your dive.

A paradise that was once lost, then found and now has been reclaimed because it is just excitingly beautiful. It is the capital of French Polynesia and is located in Tahiti Island. It is a town center with busy streets and subway food joints. You can enjoy a day shopping for a few souvenirs or visit the archaeological sites like the Papeete Tahiti Temple.

Best time to visit French Polynesia enjoys a warm temperature through-out the year as it is located in the tropical zone of the southern hemisphere. The winter season here runs from May till October with temperature fluctuating between 20 degree to 30 degree Celsius and relatively low humidity which makes it the best time to visit the island. The summers here starts at November through April, though you could plan a vacation during this time as the beaches are less crowded but that’s also because it’s the rainy season.

Recommended Itinerary (7 day tour) Day 1 Start journey from Papeete at 6 PM. You can explore the interior of the cruise and be comfortable in your cabin. Day2 Reach Moorea at 12 PM. Spend a lazy afternoon at the sunny beach of Moorea. You will depart from Moorea at 6 PM. Day3 Arrive Tahaa at 8AM. En-route tour of the island and depart to Raiatea at 11.30 PM Day 4 Arrive Raiatea at 12 PM. Enjoy a day tour to all its wonderful sights. Departs to Bora Bora at 10pm Day 5 Arrive Bora Bora at 8AM. One day stay and you can enjoy everything that this beautiful island has in its store. Overnight stay Day 6 You can enjoy the whole day and reach port before it depart at 10PM Day 7 Arrive at Huahine at 7AM. Spend a lazy last day afternoon in this tropical island. Departs to Papeete at 2 PM Day 8 Arrive Papeete at 8 AM.

Popular cruise liners to Hawaii and Pacific Islands

  1. Pacific Princess: With a capacity of 826 passengers, this cruise liner has 9 decks to ensure fabulous sea views from various angles.
  2. Celebrity Solstice: Feel like a celebrity and enjoy world class amenities with Concierge Class and Aqua Class.
  3. Radiance of the seas: Radiance of the Seas has the most glass of any Royal Caribbean ship. This ship also has 10 dining choices, a rock-climbing wall, mini-golf course, pools, and a water slide.
  4. Carnival Miracle: 11-story Metropolis atrium with a ruby-red glass ceiling in this cruise ship will certainly turn your cruise experience into a miracle.
  5. Pride of America: Pride of America was designed to pay homage to the spirit and of the United States, from the patriotic artwork on the hull to the American-themed public spaces.

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