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The Best Scandinavian Cruises to take in 2018

Posted on 19-Feb-2018 by Administrator

Situated in Northern Europe, the region of Scandinavia - composed of Denmark, Norway and Sweden, is one of the most scenic destinations in the world. The region is known for its pristine natural beauty, perpetual winters, beautiful fjords and some of the best hiking destinations in Europe. Scandinavia’s abundant natural resources are in brilliant contrast to its cities such as Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm. These are some of the most vibrant cities in Europe, with magnificent architecture, great food and among the most vibrant nightlife in this part of the world. It’s no wonder that these countries are often considered to be among the happiest places in the world. Visitors cannot miss the spectacular aurora borealis, also called the Northern Lights.

Scandinavia is surrounded by the Baltic Sea on the south and the Norwegian Sea in the north. This makes cruising one of the best ways to experience Scandinavia, mainly because of the magnificent coastline that runs all the way around the region. Major ports of call across Scandinavia region are:

  • Stockholm (Sweden): The capital of Sweden is one of the most modern cities in Europe, while also one of its most historically relevant. The city is known for its great architecture, warm culture and rich cuisine. Visitors must not miss Gamla Stan which has one of the world’s largest castles – Kungliga Slottet.
  • Copenhagen (Denmark): This is the dining capital of the world, with more than 15 Michelin star restaurants in the city. The capital of Denmark is one of the most pleasant cities in the world. When in Copenhagen, make sure you visit the beautiful monuments like the Kronsborg Castle, Amalienborg Palace, the Deer Park and the majestic ruins beneath the Christiansborg Palace.
  • Oslo (Norway): One of the most architecturally unique cities in the world, the capital of Norway is one of the greenest and most liveable cities in the world. When in Oslo, make sure you take the chance to visit the waterways, go skiing, and enjoy fine cuisine at some of the world’s best restaurants. The Fram Museum and the Viking Museum are also very popular attractions in Oslo.
  • Helsinki (Finland): The capital of Finland is an architectural wonder, and an ideal representation of the modern European city. Monuments such as the Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art and the Finlandia Talo hall are testament to Finland’s modernity and architectural uniqueness.
  • Tallinn (Estonia): The capital of Estonia is also known for being the origin of Skype. In many ways, the city is a heady mix of cutting edge technology, and vintage landscapes, especially in the beautiful Old Town area. Make sure you experience the fantastic nightlife when in Tallinn.
  • St. Petersburg (Russia): Once the centre of politics, art and culture in Russia, St. Petersburg is a magnificent mix of historic monuments, grand palaces and majestic canals. Because of the large number of bridges over the River Nega and many canals across the city, St. Petersburg is also known as the Venice of the East. Visit the Erarta Museum to see some of the most spectacular works of art in Russia.
  • Warnemunde (Germany): The port town of Warnemunde is a pretty little holiday destination on the Baltic, known for its lighthouse, teapot building, pubs and open air beer gardens. The city is only a few hours’ drive from the German capital, Berlin and about 30 minutes from Rostock.

Cruise packages which cover Scandinavia also include many other fantastic ports such as Amsterdam (Netherlands), Mariehamn (Finland), Kiel (Germany) and Gdansk (Poland). Most of the world’s leading cruise companies have several packages to this region. Here are some of the most popular cruise liners and packages to Scandinavia and Northern Europe.

  • Princess Cruises: The Best of Scandinavia and Russia package is an 11 night cruise starting at US 1,699 pp. The Regal Princess has multiple sailings between April and August. It departs from Copenhagen, covering Berlin, Helsinki, Oslo, Stockholm, St. Petersburg and Tallinn.
  • Norwegian Cruise Line: The popular cruise liner offers 9 night packages that start from Copenhagen and cover Stockholm, Berlin, Helsinki, St. Petersburg and Tallinn. The Norwegian Breakaway sails between May and September, with packages starting at US $1,259 pp.
  • Costa Cruises: The cruise liner has a ‘Best of Baltics’ package aboard the Costa Magica. This is a 7 night cruise with prices starting at US $1,049, starting at Stockholm and visiting ports of call such as Helsinki, St. Petersburg and Tallinn. The Costa Magica sails between May and August.
  • Holland America: The Jewels of the Baltic package starts from US $1,999 pp. The 10 night package covers Copenhagen, Helsinki, Kiel, St. Petersburg, Warnemunde and Tallinn. The MS Zuiderdam sails from Copenhagen from May to August, with one sailing each month
  • MSC Cruises: The cruise liner offers a 7 night package called the ‘Essence of Scandinavia’, starting at US $799 pp. The MSC Preziosa sails from Kiel, Germany between April and August, and visits the cities of Copenhagen, Stockholm, Tallinn and St. Petersburg.
  • Oceania Cruises: The Scandinavia Treasures package, aboard the Marina, starts from Stockholm on 19th August and 5th September. This is a 10-night package, with prices starting at US $3069 pp, covering Berlin, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Klaipeda, Riga and St. Petersburg.
  • Royal Caribbean: The Brilliance of the Seas, operated by the Royal Caribbean, offers the Magnificent Baltic Cruise package. This is a 12-night package starting from Amsterdam and visiting Copenhagen, Helsinki, St. Petersburg and Stockholm. The ship sails once in May and once in August, with prices starting at US $1,319 pp.
  • Regent Seven Seas: The cruise liner offers a package called the Baltic Rhapsody Cruise which starts at US $6,579 pp. This is a 7 night package, aboard the ship called the Seven Sea Explorer that sails from Copenhagen on 28 July and covers Helsinki, Stockholm, Tallinn and St. Petersburg.

May to September is the best time of the year to go on a Scandinavia cruise, since the weather during this period is absolutely delightful. However, Scandinavia cruises fill up extremely fast, and you may need to grab your cabin quickly to get the best room at the most competitive price. The best time to book a Scandinavia cruise package is now!

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