Expedition Cruises

Expedition Cruises

Expedition cruises are meant for travellers where the focus is more on the destination rather than on the facilities being offered on board the ship. Having said that, expedition cruises are spacious, comfortable passenger vessels designed for smooth sailing with deluxe accommodations and services. These ships offer larger cabins, as well as deluxe amenities such as roomier public areas, lounges and bars, gift shops, and fitness facilities. Unlike most traditional cruises, these cruises are your opportunity to encounter the world’s most pristine and inspiring places up close with the seasoned experts who know them best.

These cruises offer ways to explore places already “discovered” and those that are still very, very wild. No matter where you choose to explore, each expedition cruise features an unmatched combination of adventure travel as well as well-appointed cabins, regional cuisine and friendly, personalised service.

Voyages of Discovery

Voyages of Discovery, as the name suggests, is a cruise liner intended for its guests to explore, discover and experience the destinations the ship sails to. Built for global cruising, their ship, the MV Discovery is large enough to sail the world's great oceans, yet small enough to reach those less-frequented places. ON board the ship, travel with distinguished guest speakers who will add rare insight to the places you visit. Voyages of Discovery offers cruise vacations to exotic destinations at affordable prices.

Hurtigruten ASA

Hurtigruten ASA provides real experiences in unique waters. The company is a travel industry company with its roots in the coastal express route between Bergen and Kirkenes. Their cruises are more expedition voyages with trained destination & nature specialists on board the ship. For more than 115 years, Hurtigruten have been a part of the coastal areas of Norway. They have since expanded their horizons to include voyages to Greenland & the South Pole with Antarctica. With their experience in polar areas the company has become an international travel industry company with a unique product.