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The Middle East is a region that spans southwestern Asia and northeastern Africa. If you're looking for true flavor of the region, you'll find it in grand and ancient mosques, tranquil beachside resorts, or at one of the area's many open-air souks buzzing with authentic sights, sounds and tastes. And coupled with all of this, is the regions new-found dazzling modernity.

A visit to this region is pleasantly surprising.  Dubai is today a glitzy urban paradise, a playground of luxury resort hotels and spectacular shopping venues. For a more traditional experience, there's the Sultanate of Oman, one of the oldest civilizations on the Arabian Peninsula. Oman has on display some of the finest marine life in the Indian Ocean, with towering mountains, wadis, deserts and historic forts. The legacies of Jordan, Libya and Syria encompass the greatness of Alexander the Great and the glories of imperial Rome. 

Middle East

Ports Of Call

Dubai, UAE– With a perfect winter climate and everything from desert safaris to designer shopping, in true exotic luxury, Dubai has something to offer anyone is search of a modern urban experience.

Muscat, Oman - Spectacular oases, bewitching fjords and bays, intriguing markets, ancient fortifications, beautiful desert landscapes at sundown: the Sultanate of Oman is all of this and much more

Bahrain – Its reputation as a relatively liberal and modern Persian Gulf country makes Bahrain a favourite destination. One of the world's oldest civilizations originated here, and some believe that it was the location of the Garden of Eden.

Doha, Qatar -  Qatar is a land of towering sand dunes, ancient rock carvings and distinctive architecture and is gaining popularity as one of the most desirable tourist destinations in the region.

Jordan - Biblical stories, vanished cities, Lawrence of Arabia: Jordan is truly a romantic land with a great past.

Middle East

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