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LNG Powered Cruise Ships

Posted on 30-May-2022 by Administrator
LNG Powered Cruise Ships

Cruising as an industry has always been subjected to both – the world’s admiration for it’s ever-increasing scale of grandeur and innovation, and censure for the startling figures associated with marine pollution. Like everything else, the global cruising industry has taken this in stride, with their newest vessels designed with the key focus of reducing emissions. Leading cruise liners have launched ships in the recent years that run on Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) reducing a ship’s carbon emissions by 30% straight. Today’s blog takes you through some of these fantastic environmentally friendly ships and gives you an idea of which part of the world you can sail on them in 2022.


Costa Smeralda: If someone were to tell me three years ago that the world’s fifth-largest, and Costa Cruises’ largest ship ever would run fully on LNG, I probably wouldn’t have believed you. This ship, christened right before the beginning of the pandemic, is a personification of the Italian dolce vita – carefreeness. With nineteen bars, lounges and eleven exclusive restaurants to a giant aqua park on the highest deck of the ship, each day aboard Costa Smeralda is touted to be a revelation. However, the heart of the ship rests in the Colosseo, the center point of activity and fun that pulls everyone towards it. Costa Smeralda begins its 2022 summer voyages in the Mediterranean from May onwards all the way to September 2022.

Disney Wish: It is only fitting that if the world were to have the dreamiest ship, it had to be from none other than the maker of dreams – Disney! This ship brings with it a host of never-seen-before experiences, including a Frozen themed theatrical dining experience, a Marvel dinner adventure, an adults-only Star Wars lounge. The magic doesn’t end here, the staterooms on this ship seemed to have been plucked straight out of a fairytale, and it also is home to Disney’s first ever Attraction at Sea – the Aqua Mouse. The endeavor of its makers is very much to hold everyone on this vessel under their spell, thoroughly enchanted throughout your time there. And the most laudable feat of all is that this gigantic ship runs entirely on LNG as fuel with its own low-emission LNG propulsion. The vessel begins its maiden voyage in July 2022 from Port Canaveral, Florida visiting Castaway Cay and Nassau for a 5-night voyage.

Carnival Mardi Gras: Carnival Cruises’ Mardi Gras eponymously pays homage to TSS Mardi Gras, Carnival Cruises’ first, world-changing ship. And it furthers this by not only being their grandest ship but also one that uses LNG to generate 100% of its power both in port and at sea. The ship has been sextupled into Zones – the Grand Central, French Quarter, Summer Landing, La Piazza, LIDO and the Ultimate Playground –  with each of the six packed with brand-new exhilarating experiences for binge eating, drinking and painting each minute with fun. On the highest deck of this ship resides BOLT – the fastest rollercoaster on sea, but, with a twist! Instead of your traditional roller coaster that took you through a topsy-turvy ride while strapped to your seat with a bunch of others, BOLT puts you in the driver’s seat, with speed control entirely in your hands with an unbeatable 360° birds’ eye view of the ocean. Mardi Gras maximizes fun with seven-day Caribbean cruises from Orlando, Florida.

Costa Venezia: Beginning from May 2022, Costa Venezia rolls out the carpet for roughly 5,000 passengers to explore the myths of Greece from its homeport of Istanbul, Turkey, all the while living on a floating version of the whimsical city of Venice! Boggling as that sounds, the ship is dedicated to the city of Venice, and you will feel the Venetian aura as you immerse yourself in the Venetian Carnival at sea. The ship’s atrium has been modelled after Venice’s St. Mark’s Square (with real gondolas!) and an exclusive virtual reality gondola ride that takes you through the city. With fifteen restaurants and six main bars (most of them bringing forth the richest, most sumptuous Italian cuisine), the ship also has something for the cinephiles – movies premiered at the prestigious Venice Film Festival can be enjoyed by the guests at the Lounge delle Stelle.

P&O Iona: Imagine gliding through the majestic fjords of Scandinavia on a vessel just as majestic, designed to invite the outdoors in. Only this time, you will know that you’re on this adventure on the greenest member of the P&O fleet with the P&O Iona running entirely on liquified natural gas. This Excel class ship is quintessentially British in its marriage of spectacle (with multiple aerial shows and a grand infinity pool) with being crafty (with a gin distillery on-board). The Iona can comfortably accommodate 5,000 guests and provide a range of excursions from entertainment, dining to leisure and shopping for one and all. The entertainment hub lies in the SkyDome where one will find every major act and live show whereas the Grand Atrium is the home for aerialists and pop-up performances. From spas and top salon services to an entire world of shopper’s paradise, your time here will ensure you are just as enamored with the inside of the ship as you will be with the majestic fjords outside!

MSC Europa: MSC Cruises’ most sustainable and futuristic cruise ship will debut in November 2002 and is claimed to have been built not to sail, but to change the world. Not only does this ship run on LNG entirely, the design also includes latest water recycling technology, to purify wastewater, and propellers studied to reduce the underwater noise to not hinder marine life. To further the futuristic experience, the MSC Europa brings to you some of the most unique experiences onboard – from the scenic Panorama Lounge to the Luna Park arena and the stunning Kinetic Dome. Structured in a unique Y-shape, the ship benefits from a mammoth 341ft. long promenade with the Venom Drop – an 11 deck high dry slide being it’s crowning jewel. You’ve got hydroponic gardens and a microbrewery to giant bumper cars and waterparks as well as staterooms varying in nineteen different categories. This creation of sustainable modern technology begins its maiden journey this December from Doha, Qatar for an incredible journey of the Middle East.

It is heartening to see that so many leading cruise liners are making conscious efforts and taking decisive steps towards sustainability, with the usage of LNG being one of the most important moves. Cruising can now bring you all the joys that the confluence of technology and luxury bring along with the fact that this is done while being mindful of the ecological cost. This new direction shows great promise for the future of this industry, and our planet. If you wish to sail aboard on any of the cruises listed here (and this is by no means an exhaustive list), all you simply need to do is call our cruise consultants and book your cabin and then start the count down to the days to embark on a fun filled (and eco-friendly) marine adventure!

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