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Growing Market for Cruises from Dubai

Posted on 15-Nov-2018 by Administrator

Over the last two decades, the Middle East and most particularly the city of Dubai has shown a staggering level of growth, both in terms of its infrastructure and economy, and for becoming an absolute tourist magnet. The premier city of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is one of the favourite destinations for travellers from India, as it is within a 3 hour flight journey from most cities in India... Continue Reading

Christmas Market River Cruises in Europe

Posted on 11-Oct-2018 by Administrator

Just like every other festival, even Christmas is celebrated with great gusto in India. Especially in the metros, there are large Christmas trees laid out in the shopping malls, schools and public places, holidays are on and many a white bearded Santa Claus can be seen at children’s events. However, what is missing in a tropical country like India is the snowy white flakes falling on rooftops and children playing... Continue Reading

Northern Lights Cruises - Witness the Magical Opulence of Nature

Posted on 17-Sep-2018 by Administrator

If someone were to tell you that there were places where you could see the sky smeared with bright neon patches that seemed to play hide and seek over the canvas of the night-sky, you would probably say it was coming straight out of a fantasy book. But, strange as it may seem, this phenomenon is not only real, but something that can be seen multiple times in all its... Continue Reading

Cruising from and within India

Posted on 16-Aug-2018 by Administrator

After experiencing skyrocketing growth in the last year, the cruising industry has, finally, turned its eyes towards India. And why wouldn’t they? India not only offers a lucrative market of customers yearning to enjoy luxury cruises close to home, it also has a massive coastline stretching over 5,000 kilometres, lined with ports teeming with attractions. And not just within the country, India’s proximity to other Asian ports like Abu Dhabi,... Continue Reading

Cruising the best new ships in 2018

Posted on 04-Jul-2018 by Administrator

The cruise industry is the fastest growing category in the leisure travel market with over 27 million passengers expected to cruise in 2018. To cater to this demand, cruiseliners are launching new ships with ‘never seen before’ facilities and amenities to WOW passengers. In 2018 alone, 15 oceangoing cruise ships - ranging in capacity from 100 to 5,400 passengers - will be launched with new onboard attractions like electric Go-Kart... Continue Reading

Norwegian Fjords Cruises - The Best Way to Explore the Magnificent Norwegian Splendor!

Posted on 04-Jun-2018 by Administrator

When one considers touring through Europe, it is generally the charm of Rome, or the beaches of the French Riviera, Greek Islands of Mykonos and Santorini, the charming capital cities of Paris and Amsterdam, or the Venetian canals and the architecture of Florence that comes to mind. The beauty of the Mediterranean coast and the attractions of the major cities that dot the Mediterranean are often what people covet the most... Continue Reading

Best Mediterranean Cruises in 2018

Posted on 02-May-2018 by Administrator

The Mediterranean region has always been a favourite holiday destination for travel lovers from all over the world. Both the Eastern and Western Mediterranean regions offer not only scenic beauty, but also a cluster of nations with rich cultural history, strikingly different cuisines and a myriad of varied historical locations, museums and nightlife options. And to top it all, these countries enjoy the belt of blue Mediterranean waters lapping at... Continue Reading

Sail the Mediterranean aboard Royal Caribbean’s Symphony of the Seas

Posted on 02-Apr-2018 by Administrator

Embark upon an unforgettable cruising experience this summer aboard Symphony of the Seas, the newest addition to the Oasis Class of the Royal Caribbean Fleet. Explore the tranquil beauty of the Mediterranean on the largest ship on the ocean, weighing a gigantic 230,000 Tonnes with a capacity of over 6870 passengers. The ship is a floating city in itself with a wide array of activities and amenities. Accommodations range from... Continue Reading

Top 10 cruises to Alaska in 2018

Posted on 22-Mar-2018 by Administrator

With snowcapped mountains, endless forests, majestic glaciers, and exquisite landscape, Alaska is one of the most scenic regions in the USA. It is also amongst the world’s top listed destinations for cruise vacations. A vacation to Alaska tends to leave people spellbound with its spectacular views, including the glaciers of Tracy Arm Fjord, College Fjord, and the Glacier Bay National Park. Visitors can also explore the many coastal towns such as... Continue Reading

The Best Scandinavian Cruises to take in 2018

Posted on 19-Feb-2018 by Administrator

Situated in Northern Europe, the region of Scandinavia - composed of Denmark, Norway and Sweden, is one of the most scenic destinations in the world. The region is known for its pristine natural beauty, perpetual winters, beautiful fjords and some of the best hiking destinations in Europe. Scandinavia’s abundant natural resources are in brilliant contrast to its cities such as Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm. These are some of the most... Continue Reading

Dream Cruises – Offering Luxury Cruise Packages in Asia

Posted on 20-Dec-2017 by Administrator

Asia is one of the fastest growing markets in the leisure cruise industry with a significant number of cruise ships sailing to ports across Asia. This year, Asia accounted for more than 4.2 million passengers, nearly three times the number of passengers in 2013. A large number of leading cruise companies are deploying their state-of-the-art ships in Asia with year round sailings. With more than 66 ships operating in this... Continue Reading

Christmas and New Year Cruise Holidays with Star Cruises

Posted on 04-Dec-2017 by Administrator

The holiday season in December is usually a festive, fun and frenetic period with families visiting throughout the season, reunions and celebrations and of course, Christmas shopping. The Christmas and New Year holiday season is one of the best times of the year to go on a holiday – the weather is great, the atmosphere is festive and electrifying and the mood is relaxed. A cruise holiday with the family... Continue Reading

The Changing Face of Asia's Premium Cruise Market

Posted on 02-Nov-2017 by Administrator

With more and more premium cruise ships now sailing to and from destinations in Asia, this part of the world is experiencing the highest growth rate in the global cruise industry. In 2017, the cruise capacity of the Asian market is estimated to be more than 4.2 million passengers. This is almost three times the capacity in 2013 (1.5 million). An unprecedented number of travellers have visited Asia in the last... Continue Reading

Combining a Land Holiday with a Cruise Holiday Makes for a Perfect Holiday Experience

Posted on 29-Sep-2017 by Administrator

Vacationers these days have a wide variety of travel options to choose from. While planning a holiday, one of the decisions you need to make is whether to take a conventional land holiday, or go on a cruise. With the number of innovative and exciting cruise liners and packages available today, it often makes greater sense to combine a cruise with a land holiday. A cruise is a truly memorable experience.... Continue Reading

Cruising the Last Continent - Antarctica

Posted on 04-Aug-2017 by Administrator

The last continent, Antarctica, continues to be an enigma for travellers, since much of the continent remains pristine and unexplored and is covered by ice. One of the coldest and most desolate regions on the planet, Antarctica gives you a sense of awe, serenity and grandeur that stays with you for a very long time. Visitors tend to be overwhelmed by the sheer magnificence of icebergs and glaciers in Antarctica. Cruise... Continue Reading

Singapore: Among the World’s Best Cruise Destinations

Posted on 28-Jun-2017 by Administrator

One of the world’s major economic hubs, Singapore is a wonderful blend of modernity and a rich colonial legacy. With a stunning skyline, great sightseeing options, luxurious resorts, spectacular nightlife and colonial precincts which are nearly two centuries old, Singapore is an ideal holiday destination for the entire family. Visitors must not miss the many tourist attractions such as the Henderson Waves, the Jurong Bird Park, Universal Studios, the Bukit... Continue Reading

See the Best of Northern Europe on a Scandinavia Cruise

Posted on 26-May-2017 by Administrator

Lying on the north of the Baltic Sea, Scandinavia is one of the most picturesque regions in Europe. The region consists of seven countries, but three countries, Norway, Sweden and Denmark, make up for most of the landmass. The region is known for its spectacular natural beauty, including its famous fjords, snow-capped peaks, expansive forests, beautiful lakes and an untouched coastline. Scandinavian countries are well known worldwide for adventure and... Continue Reading

Cruise Packages in 2017 for Mediterranean & Scandinavia Regions

Posted on 11-May-2017 by Administrator

The twin attractions of the Mediterranean and Scandinavian regions bring with them ecstatic summers, sunny beaches and rich cuisine on one side, and pristine landscapes, eclectic cultures and historic cities on the other. It is no surprise that Mediterranean and Scandinavian regions are popular choices for vacationers worldwide. Surrounding the Mediterranean Sea, this part of Europe is starkly different from the colder climes of Northern Europe. Visitors to the Mediterranean... Continue Reading

2017 – A year of great deals on cruises to Alaska

Posted on 14-Mar-2017 by Administrator

With snowcapped mountains, endless forests, majestic glaciers, and exquisite landscape, Alaska is one of the most scenic regions in the USA. It is also amongst the world’s top listed destinations for cruise vacations. A vacation to Alaska tends to leave people spellbound with its spectacular views, including the glaciers of Tracy Arm Fjord, College Fjord, and the Glacier Bay National Park. Visitors can also explore the many coastal towns such as... Continue Reading

Royal Caribbean Cruises: A Great Way to Cruise

Posted on 03-Mar-2017 by Administrator

Ever since it was founded, Royal Caribbean has set the global standard for family cruises. Today, the company has about 17% of the global cruise market share. The company also operates a number of well-known cruise brands like Celebrity Cruises, Azamara Cruises, Pullmantur Cruises and CDF Croisières de France. The major reason for Royal Caribbean’s dominance in the cruise industry is its fleet of world-class ships that provide some of the... Continue Reading

Special Cruise Offers by Ovation of the Seas

Posted on 23-Dec-2016 by Administrator

With some of the largest cruise ships in the world, Royal Caribbean accounts for around 17% of the cruise market worldwide. It is widely recognized for great passenger experience, entertainment options and a large number of innovations over more than thirty years. The Miami, FL based company has been awarded ‘Best Overall Cruise Line’ by Travel Weekly, thirteen years in a row. With a length of 348 metres, about 168,666... Continue Reading

Take a Family Cruise Across the Mediterranean with MSC Cruises

Posted on 29-Nov-2016 by Administrator

MSC Cruises provides some of the best cruise options for families that wish to explore the Mediterranean. A rich combination of exquisite cuisine, unique cultures, untouched beaches and breathtaking visuals make the Mediterranean region one of the world’s most preferred cruise destinations. Founded in Italy and headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, MSC Cruises is the fourth largest cruise company in the world, and is one of the finest family cruise options... Continue Reading

Best Cruise Deals and Destinations This Winter

Posted on 28-Oct-2016 by Administrator

What is a good cruise destination for the winter? Of course, you have to leave out popular destinations like Alaska and Scandinavia, since these are too cold for a winter cruise. For a warm and fun winter cruise destination, consider the Far East. With moderate climate and exciting cruise packages, the Far East has become one of the most popular cruise options during the winter season. There are a wide... Continue Reading

New Cruisers: Make Sure Your First Cruise Vacation is Fantastic

Posted on 21-Sep-2016 by Administrator

With people leading highly stressful lives, a vacation is probably the best way to relax and reenergise the body and mind. A dose of sunshine and fresh air can work wonders to your health and state of mind. A cruise is a great way to get away from it all and enjoy a relaxing and fun filled vacation. Cruise vacations are one of the world’s fastest growing travel segments. You... Continue Reading

Genting Dream – Asia’s Premium Cruise Liner is launching this October

Posted on 27-Jul-2016 by Administrator

Genting Dream is the latest cruise liner to be launched by Genting Group, the world’s third largest cruise liner company. This ship, launched under the newly launched Dream Cruises brand, is the latest in a series of new cruise introductions in Asia. This ship is set to debut in November 2016, and its first sail is from Mumbai to Colombo on 29th October. With India chosen as a launch destination,... Continue Reading

Quantum of the Seas - Experience a Whole New Level of Cruising

Posted on 04-Jul-2016 by Administrator

Nearly half a century since it was founded, Royal Caribbean has been setting the benchmark for cruising through its magnificent fleet of world-class ships and its continuous focus on creating innovative cruise experiences. With its headquarters in Miami, FL, the company currently operates 25 ships, many of which are among the largest cruise ships in the world, and travels to hundreds of destinations across six continents. Royal Caribbean operates five distinct... Continue Reading

Add a Star Cruise to Your Singapore Holiday

Posted on 23-May-2016 by Administrator

The island city of Singapore, while being one of the world’s economic hubs, is also a leading tourist destination. Whether it’s the museums, gardens, theme parks, local cuisine or shopping, the city offers a truly multicultural experience. Indian travellers find Singapore a great holiday destination. Whether you are travelling with family, on your honeymoon or seeking adventure, Singapore offers something for everyone. The city has many highlights that should not... Continue Reading

Alaska & Europe: Popular Choices for Cruises this Summer

Posted on 15-Apr-2016 by Administrator

Cruise holidays are the flavour of the season this summer. More and more families are discovering the joys of a cruise vacation – they get to sample multiple holiday destinations without the headache of packing and unpacking each time, they get to enjoy fantastic entertainment on board the cruise with the added value of all meals being included in the cruise price. Travellers now have a wide choice of cruiseliners,... Continue Reading

Compagnie du Ponant: Experience the Best of French Hospitality Along With Great Destinations

Posted on 19-Feb-2016 by Administrator

For nearly 30 years, Compagnie du Ponant has been at the center of France’s glorious maritime convention. Started in 1988 by officers of the French Merchant Navy, the Ponant, as it is commonly called, built its first yacht, Le Ponant, in 1991. Since 2010, the company has kept adding new ships to its fleet, and currently Ponant has a total of 5 ships. The award-winning cruise company provides exciting cruise... Continue Reading

Norwegian Cruise Lines: Pure Relaxation, Pure Fun!

Posted on 27-Jan-2016 by Administrator

If you are looking for a cruise vacation that is truly relaxing, without having to worry about set meal timings, seating arrangements and dress codes, Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCL) is one of the best options for you and your family. With a five-decade-old history of offering innovative cruise holidays, NCL is popular for giving the industry one of its first ‘Freestyle Cruises’. Breaking free of the traditional cruising precincts, NCL offers... Continue Reading

Take a Celebrity Cruise to Alaska: Soak in the Serene Beauty of One of America’s Most Beautiful States

Posted on 07-Jan-2016 by Administrator

Alaska is America's last great frontier. With magnificent mountains, stunning glaciers, captivating coastline, pretty villages, and dense forests with exotic wildlife, it also happens to be one of the world’s favourite cruise destinations. With a comfortably wide cruising season from May to September, a typical cruise holiday to Alaska offers a plethora of tours and activities that attract all types of travellers. Major ports of call include Seward, Juneau,... Continue Reading

Oceania Cruises: Pamper Yourself with World-Class Luxury, Cuisine & Comfort

Posted on 25-Nov-2015 by Administrator

When it comes to luxury cruises, there are very few than match up to Oceania Cruises in terms of quality, elegance and comfort. Today, Oceania Cruises has become a leading name in the world of sophisticated, five star cruises. Founded in 2002, it is the world’s largest upper premium cruise line. With a fleet of five award-winning, luxurious ships, Oceania Cruises offers an unparalleled vacation experience, celebrated for its mesmerizing... Continue Reading

Cruise the Mediterranean. Discover a Melting Pot of Culture, Cuisine and History

Posted on 30-Oct-2015 by Administrator

  With breathtakingly beautiful beaches, perfect climate and a unique fusion of culture, cuisine and history, the Mediterranean region is one of the most popular tourist destinations worldwide. If you’re a beach lover, a connoisseur, an explorer, or a history seeker, a cruise on the Mediterranean gives you endless possibilities to explore your passion. You can choose from a variety of Mediterranean Cruise packages. The Eastern Mediterranean Cruise packages cover the east... Continue Reading

World‘s most Exciting Cruise Ports

Posted on 09-Oct-2014 by Administrator

Many of the world's ancient civilizations developed near the sea. Some of these destinations that started as small trading ports have now grown into large cities which are pivotal to their country’s economy, both from tourism as well from a trade perspective. And these cities have state-of-the- art cruise ports that welcome leisure cruise ships of all sizes to their shores and for cruisers, this means getting a glimpse into... Continue Reading

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How Cruise Vacations are Different From Other Vacations: An Infographic

Posted on 02-Oct-2014 by Administrator

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Discover Hawaii & the Pacific Islands on a cruise holiday

Posted on 06-Sep-2014 by Administrator

The South Pacific Islands hold an abundance of natural treasures from the legendary beauty of French Polynesia's Bora Bora to the diverse, yet singular Polynesian culture. Experience the warmth of the Pacific spirit. For a taste of the exotic, explore the island nations where life is simple and the customs and rituals of ancient cultures are still revered. Witness nature at her extravagant best in Hawaii, from fiery volcanoes to cascading waterfalls, from winding back roads to... Continue Reading

Experience Ancient Burma on a Cruise on the Historical Ayeyarwady River

Posted on 21-Jun-2014 by Administrator

Burma (renamed Myanmar since 1989), bordered by five countries, namely  Laos, Thailand, China, India and Bangladesh, is a calm land of mythical rivers, glistening lakes, emerald forests, centuries-old villages and warm people. Its glittering stupas and temples, ancient monasteries and shrines, vibrant festivals and colourful markets, makes Burma a fascinating destination for travellers. One of the best ways to discover, uncover and explore the best of Burma is on a... Continue Reading

Discover Enchanting Vietnam & Cambodia on a Mekong River Cruise

Posted on 21-Jun-2014 by Administrator

Vietnam and Cambodia, the lands of monasteries and temples and home to one of the world’s major rivers, Mekong, are renowned worldwide for the peaceful practices of their people. The Mekong River is the ancient lifeblood of the cultures and societies of these countries that have arose on its banks. The best way to experience the culture of these countries and delve into a world unbeknownst to you is by... Continue Reading

Best New Large Cruise Ships

Posted on 13-May-2014 by Administrator

Today, the new large cruise ships have brought in a new era of cruising. They sail beyond the land horizon and focus inward on resort-style experiences like diverse dining options, brilliant spas treatments, lavish theatrical entertainment, extravagant casinos, amazing zip lines, vast pool deck movie screens, wonderful children's programs and exceptional room service.{C}Revolutionizing the onboard experience, these super megaships are more like small cities that offer something for everyone. These... Continue Reading

Allergy Advice for those Contemplating a Cruise

Posted on 12-May-2014 by Administrator

In recent years, cruising has become a phenomenally popular type of vacation for Indians, with a variety of packages offering travel around locations as diverse as the Baltic Sea and Antarctica. However, for those suffering from an allergy, the thought of leaving the comfort and routine of home to head into the unknown can be intimidating to say the least.According to the Asthma Society of India , the number of... Continue Reading

Discover the Hidden Charm of the Baltic Capitals on a Cruise

Posted on 24-Feb-2014 by Administrator

Cruising in the Baltic Sea through Northern Europe and exploring the water-lined Baltic capitals is a riveting experience. The breathtaking cities of Stockholm, St. Petersburg, Copenhagen, Tallinn, Helsinki and Amsterdam boast motley of languages, cultures, currencies, ancient histories and artistic traditions. Spellbinding cultural and historical sites, picture-postcard villages, scenic cities and startling landscapes, all await cruise travelers’ gaze, who head northwards for summer sojourn. Witness these inspiring sights on a... Continue Reading

Cruising the Inside Passage of Alaska from Vancouver to Anchorage

Posted on 14-Feb-2014 by Administrator

Alaska is one of the most serene and most popular cruise destinations in the world. Here, space isn’t measured in miles but in never-ending horizons. Pristine ancient glaciers glinting majestically, endless forests, snowcapped towering mountains, abundant wildlife and an enthralling coastline make it one of the most overwhelming landscapes in the world. Alaska has a lot to offer to its cruise travelers ranging from mild to the wild, activities and... Continue Reading

Polar Cruises - Cruises to the Ends of the World : Antarctic & the Arctic Circle

Posted on 05-Jun-2013 by Administrator

A cruise to the Polar Regions – the Arctic Circle and the Antarctic Peninsula - is an awe-inspiring experience, considered a once-in-a-lifetime trip for many. Extreme, pristine and serene regions, they really are at the edge of the world – at the edge of survival, yet both in their own ways utterly vital to the well-being of the rest of the planet. CruiseBay suggests that every ‘bucket list’ should include... Continue Reading

Asia - The Emerging Cruise Region!

Posted on 21-May-2013 by Administrator

The tides have been changing in the global cruise market, with operators turning their attention from the traditional playgrounds of the Caribbean, North America and Europe to Asia. Asia presents a rich and relatively untapped market for the global cruise industry, with its exciting variety of cultures, cuisines as well as leisure and entertainment options. The region’s many positive natural attributes, with more than 25,000 islands, year-round warm weather and... Continue Reading

Luxury Cruising on the Rhine & Danube Rivers in Europe

Posted on 06-May-2013 by Administrator

Europe’s rivers were crucial in the development of its cities and towns. Life along the river was central to growth and, as a result, cruise on Europe’s rivers allows you to experience Europe in a different way - where you cruise through quaint villages, experience the wonderful cities, marvel at romantic castles along the way, while enjoying delectable continental cuisine from the comfort of a beautiful cruise ship. With luxurious... Continue Reading


Posted on 26-Apr-2013 by Administrator

Discover the Norwegian Fjords on a Cruise Holiday

Posted on 24-Apr-2013 by Administrator

There are few destinations in the world that inspire and captivate as much as Norway. This fascinating country’s long coastline is punctuated by fjords all the way from Oslo in the southeast to the Arctic north and serves as the gateway to well over 3,000 fjords. The fjords are beautiful, timeless, and everyone’s idea of the soul of Norway.Norway’s fjords carved by vast glaciers over millions of years allow access... Continue Reading

Small Ship & Yacht Cruising on the Eastern Mediterranean Coast

Posted on 30-Mar-2013 by Administrator

From legendary ruins and grand palaces to gorgeous landscapes and diverse cultures, the Eastern Mediterranean is a window to the past you cannot find anywhere else in the world. Cruises around the Eastern Mediterranean usually starts from Athens, Venice or Istanbul and visits fascinating Greek Islands like Mykonos, Santorini and Rhodes, whilst some of the small ship cruises also visit the idyllic, scenic and historic islands of Patmos, Skopelos and... Continue Reading

Cruising in the Caribbean

Posted on 07-Mar-2013 by Administrator

The Caribbean is definitely the most popular of all the cruising regions in the world. It is really in a league of its own. Escape to blissful tranquillity, where palm trees sway contentedly in the tropical breeze and sandy white beaches are wrapped in turquoise waters. For a spot of activity, sapphire-blue waters promise adventures above and below the waves. Colonial ports painted in pastels beckon with a kaleidoscope of... Continue Reading