Delayed Luggage Protection with Blue Ribbon Bags

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Delayed Luggage Protection with Blue Ribbon Bags

One of the most frustrating situations that a traveler has to deal with is not receiving their luggage at the final destination. The uncertainty of not knowing which part of the world the luggage has been sent and the hassle of going out to shop for emergency essentials till the luggage is hopefully traced and retrieved can be cumbersome and daunting.

What if you had a unique service provider whose raison d’être is to mitigate the fallout of lost luggage for global travelers so that you are not alone in dealing with the cumbersome process of following up with the airline for your precious luggage? Enter Blue Ribbon Bags.

Blue Ribbon Bags (BRB) tracks and expedites the return of lost airline luggage. If in the event that BRB is unable to trace your bags to the destination airport within 96 hours, you will receive a satisfaction guarantee payment of INR 66,000 per bag for up to two bags! The payout will be made regardless of recovery on the 5th day (or later). No proof of contents is needed. It covers all flights, codeshare partners, connections, and last-minute gate check-ins worldwide.

We are pleased to inform you that CruiseBay has partnered with Blue Ribbon Bags to offer our clients the BRB delayed luggage protection service if they book their international air tickets as well with CruiseBay.

So along with the cruise booking, all clients who purchase their international air tickets from CruiseBay for travel in 2024 (till 31st December) will be entitled to avail the BRB delayed luggage protection service at a nominal cost of INR 330 per person for a coverage of up to 2 bags.

Service Features

Crisis Concierge

BRB sends you email updates every time there is a change to the status of your lost luggage

Our Guarantee

BRB pays INR 66,000 guaranteed, for each bag (upto 2 bags) not found after missing for 4 days

No Receipts

Receipts for lost baggage contents NOT required to receive payment

Global Reach

BRB covers every flight, on every airline, everywhere in the world

One Purchase

One purchase covers all baggage checked at the airport

Last Minute

Purchase baggage service up until moment prior to flight’s departure

How This Process Works:

  • Purchase your international air ticket for travel in 2024 from CruiseBay
  • Your cruise consultant will offer you the option to purchase BRB for your travel
  • If you opt for the service, the consultant will share the service agreement & BRB contact details which is required if your luggage does not arrive at the destination
  • What do you need to do if your luggage does not arrive at your destination:
    • If your baggage does not arrive at your final destination, please report it with the airline first.
    • Upon reporting the missing baggage to the airline, you will receive a file reference number/file locator number on a Property Irregularity Report. Keep a copy of this for your claim with Blue Ribbon Bags.
    • Lastly, file your missing baggage report, including sending a copy (can be an image) of your report from the airline, to Blue Ribbon Bags by phone or via the website within 24 hours of your flight landing.

Watch this interview with Gabriel Menkin, CEO of Blue Ribbon Bags to learn more about the service:

For more details about BRB’s delayed luggage protection service,
please contact our cruise consultants at or call us at 020-66442999.