Take a Celebrity Cruise to Alaska: Soak in the Serene Beauty of One of America’s Most Beautiful States


Alaska is America’s last great frontier. With magnificent mountains, stunning glaciers, captivating coastline, pretty villages, and dense forests with exotic wildlife, it also happens to be one of the world’s favourite cruise destinations. With a comfortably wide cruising season from May to September, a typical cruise holiday to Alaska offers a plethora of tours and activities that attract all types of travellers. Major ports of call include Seward, Juneau, Skagway, Ketchikan, Glacial Bay National Park, Hubbard Glacier and Tracy Arm Fjord.

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Oceania Cruises: Pamper Yourself with World-Class Luxury, Cuisine & Comfort


When it comes to luxury cruises, there are very few than match up to Oceania Cruises in terms of quality, elegance and comfort. Today, Oceania Cruises has become a leading name in the world of sophisticated, five star cruises. Founded in 2002, it is the world’s largest upper premium cruise line. With a fleet of five award-winning, luxurious ships, Oceania Cruises offers an unparalleled vacation experience, celebrated for its mesmerizing itineraries to exotic destinations, gourmet culinary delights, and extraordinary comfort.
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Cruise the Mediterranean. Discover a Melting Pot of Culture, Cuisine and History


With breathtakingly beautiful beaches, perfect climate and a unique fusion of culture, cuisine and history, the Mediterranean region is one of the most popular tourist destinations worldwide. If you’re a beach lover, a connoisseur, an explorer, or a history seeker, a cruise on the Mediterranean gives you endless possibilities to explore your passion.

You can choose from a variety of Mediterranean Cruise packages. The Eastern Mediterranean Cruise packages cover the east coast of Italy, as well as Croatia, Turkey and Greece. You can also take a Western Mediterranean Cruise package to explore Spain, France and the west coast of Italy. You could also visit Tunisia and Malta if these are part of your cruise itinerary.
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World‘s most Exciting Cruise Ports

most Exciting Cruise PortsMany of the world’s ancient civilizations developed near the sea. Some of these destinations that started as small trading ports have now grown into large cities which are pivotal to their country’s economy, both from tourism as well from a trade perspective. And these cities have state-of-the- art cruise ports that welcome leisure cruise ships of all sizes to their shores and for cruisers, this means getting a glimpse into the city’s cathedrals, temples, fortresses, and other antiquities in a short period of time. While some historic sites in Rome, Florence, and Bangkok are more than an hour from the actual port, other sites take 30 minutes or less to reach from the cruise terminal — an important convenience if your ship only docks for a few hours. Continue reading

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How Cruise Vacations are Different From Other Vacations: An Infographic

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 cruise vacations - An Infographic

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Discover Hawaii & the Pacific Islands on a cruise holiday

Discover Hawaii & the Pacific Islands on a cruise holidayThe South Pacific Islands hold an abundance of natural treasures from the legendary beauty of French Polynesia’s Bora Bora to the diverse, yet singular Polynesian culture. Experience the warmth of the Pacific spirit. For a taste of the exotic, explore the island nations where life is simple and the customs and rituals of ancient cultures are still revered. Witness nature at her extravagant best in Hawaii, from fiery volcanoes to cascading waterfalls, from winding back roads to lush rain forests and orchid-scented botanical gardens. Cruising is the best way to discover these jewels scattered in the Pacific Ocean. Continue reading

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Discover Enchanting Vietnam & Cambodia on a Mekong River Cruise

mekong river collageVietnam and Cambodia, the lands of monasteries and temples and home to one of the world’s major rivers, Mekong, are renowned worldwide for the peaceful practices of their people. The Mekong River is the ancient lifeblood of the cultures and societies of these countries that have arose on its banks. The best way to experience the culture of these countries and delve into a world unbeknownst to you is by taking a river cruise on the Mekong River. Continue reading

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Experience Ancient Burma on a Cruise on the Historical Ayeyarwady River

Burma collage banner

Burma (renamed Myanmar since 1989), bordered by five countries, namely  Laos, Thailand, China, India and Bangladesh, is a calm land of mythical rivers, glistening lakes, emerald forests, centuries-old villages and warm people. Its glittering stupas and temples, ancient monasteries and shrines, vibrant festivals and colourful markets, makes Burma a fascinating destination for travellers. One of the best ways to discover, uncover and explore the best of Burma is on a river cruise on the Ayeyarwady River. Continue reading

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Best New Large Cruise Ships

Today, the new large cruise ships have brought in a new era of cruising. They sail beyond the land horizon and focus inward on resort-style experiences like diverse dining options, brilliant spas treatments, lavish theatrical entertainment, extravagant casinos, amazing zip lines, vast pool deck movie screens, wonderful children’s programs and exceptional room service. Continue reading

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Allergy Advice for those Contemplating a Cruise

asthama_blog_collage1In recent years, cruising has become a phenomenally popular type of vacation for Indians, with a variety of packages offering travel around locations as diverse as the Baltic Sea and Antarctica. However, for those suffering from an allergy, the thought of leaving the comfort and routine of home to head into the unknown can be intimidating to say the least. Continue reading

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