Combining a Land Holiday with a Cruise Holiday Makes for a Perfect Holiday Experience

Posted on 29-Sep-2017 by Administrator

Vacationers these days have a wide variety of travel options to choose from. While planning a holiday, one of the decisions you need to make is whether to take a conventional land holiday, or go on a cruise. With the number of innovative and exciting cruise liners and packages available today, it often makes greater sense to combine a cruise with a land holiday. A cruise is a truly memorable experience.... Continue Reading

Cruising the Last Continent - Antarctica

Posted on 04-Aug-2017 by Administrator

The last continent, Antarctica, continues to be an enigma for travellers, since much of the continent remains pristine and unexplored and is covered by ice. One of the coldest and most desolate regions on the planet, Antarctica gives you a sense of awe, serenity and grandeur that stays with you for a very long time. Visitors tend to be overwhelmed by the sheer magnificence of icebergs and glaciers in Antarctica. Cruise... Continue Reading

Singapore: Among the World’s Best Cruise Destinations

Posted on 28-Jun-2017 by Administrator

One of the world’s major economic hubs, Singapore is a wonderful blend of modernity and a rich colonial legacy. With a stunning skyline, great sightseeing options, luxurious resorts, spectacular nightlife and colonial precincts which are nearly two centuries old, Singapore is an ideal holiday destination for the entire family. Visitors must not miss the many tourist attractions such as the Henderson Waves, the Jurong Bird Park, Universal Studios, the Bukit... Continue Reading

See the Best of Northern Europe on a Scandinavia Cruise

Posted on 26-May-2017 by Administrator

Lying on the north of the Baltic Sea, Scandinavia is one of the most picturesque regions in Europe. The region consists of seven countries, but three countries, Norway, Sweden and Denmark, make up for most of the landmass. The region is known for its spectacular natural beauty, including its famous fjords, snow-capped peaks, expansive forests, beautiful lakes and an untouched coastline. Scandinavian countries are well known worldwide for adventure and... Continue Reading

Cruise Packages in 2017 for Mediterranean & Scandinavia Regions

Posted on 11-May-2017 by Administrator

The twin attractions of the Mediterranean and Scandinavian regions bring with them ecstatic summers, sunny beaches and rich cuisine on one side, and pristine landscapes, eclectic cultures and historic cities on the other. It is no surprise that Mediterranean and Scandinavian regions are popular choices for vacationers worldwide. Surrounding the Mediterranean Sea, this part of Europe is starkly different from the colder climes of Northern Europe. Visitors to the Mediterranean... Continue Reading