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Vivada Cruises India

The Kolkata-based Vivada Cruises flaunts a fleet of vessels and barges, water taxis as well as a range of water transport services that are engaged in inland waterways and related business for more than four decades. Vivada offers luxurious inland water cruise to the Sunderbans and lower Ganges. Cruising on the Hooghly (Ganges in West Bengal is known by this name) is very riveting owing to the fact that the banks on both sides of the river are impregnated with historical significance. Vivada Cruises brings for its guests exotic Ganges Heritage cruises and Sunderban cruises with impeccable service and outstanding food and guides.

Vivada Cruises India - Destinations

Vivada Cruises offers cruises to the following destinations in INDIA:

  • Sunderbans, West Bengal Impenetrable mangrove forests, winding rivers, lush Sundari trees, somnambulant crocodiles, spotted deer, Sunderbans is all that and more. The largest delta and the largest estuarine national park in the world, you will be amazed at the sheer diversity and breathtaking beauty of this Tiger Reserve
  • Rivers Ganges cruises Visit the heritage sites of the eastern part of India which lies in the banks of this great river. You will stand a witness to the turning points of history in the battlefield of Plassey where the last Nawab of Bengal Siraj Ud Daulah revolted against the British in 1757. The Hindu Religion was given a new form in Nabadwip by Chaitnya Mahaprabhu. Also soak yourself in the aura of the old colonial French culture at Chandannagore. You will be taken on a lovely sail through Kolkata, Dakshineswar, Belur, Chandennagar, Kalna, Mayapur, Nabadwip and Murshidabad They also offer combination cruises to both the Sunderbands and the River Ganges, allowing guests to experience the best of Bengal. They also offer cruises during Durga Puja, Jagadharti, Christmas, New Years and Holi.

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