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Costa Cruises

Costa Cruises is an Italian cruise line which boasts 60 years of history. Costa’s focus is on "Cruising Italian Style” – it combines the sophisticated elegance of a European vacation with the spirit of its Italian heritage. It has a vast network of 250 sailing destinations in the Mediterranean, Northern Europe, the Baltic Sea, the Caribbean, South America, the Middle East, the Far East and the Indian Ocean. Costa also boasts one of the largest on-board health and wellness centers on most of their ships with their Samsara Spa. It also offers port-intensive itineraries with only a few days at sea, making the entire experience more energetic and fun. Its ships offer abundant nightlife and dining options. It is also a distinctly family-oriented cruise line with children below 18 on all sailings going free.

Fellow Passengers – Costa attracts a large European crowd, especially on its European cruises. It is not unusual to hear announcements on board being made in Italian, Spanish and English. Its South American cruises attract the North American crowd. Costa's ships also appeal to a wide range of ages, from 20-something first-time cruisers to families to retirees.

Costa Cruises - Destinations

Costa Cruises’ vacation packages can take you to the most fascinating travel destinations in the world whether you want to cruise to the Mediterranean or to the warm waters of the Caribbean.

  • AsiaA voyage of discovery to magical and mysterious lands with varied landscapes & people: The Far East is a unique region.
  • The Mediterranean Discover ancient and modern civilizations, visit archaeological sites, enjoy panoramic view and shopping in the best cities – the Mediterranean has it all.
  • Caribbean Calypsos & Cocktails, rhythm & romance all add up to the sensuous appeal of the Caribbean.
  • Northern Europe From the land of the midnight sun to the splendid cities of the Baltic, there is no shortage of spectacular scenery and amazing history.
  • Dubai & The Emirates Mosques & Skyscrapers, a crystal clear sea, white beaches and deserts – this region is an unusual and stunning mix of ancient and modern, tradition and progress.
  • Seychelles & the Indian Ocean Warm tropical sun, white sandy beaches – wild and uninhabited until a few centuries ago – Seychelles, Mauritius, Mayotte, Madagascar – an unexplored dream.
  • South America Rejoice in the vivacious rhythms of South America discovering the best of Brazil & Argentina.
  • Transatlantic Voyages

Additional Costa Cruises Information

Client Reviews For 'Costa Cruises' cruises

Review of India aboard Costa neoClassica

Overall Rating
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Review Title : Sailing Indian Ocean on Cruise - Costa neoClassica
Review posted by : Mr Onkar Gosavi
Review Posted on : 13-Feb-2017
Region : India
Cruiseliner : Costa Cruises
Ship Name : Costa neoClassica
Sailing Name : India
Departure Port : Cochin
Ports of Call : Cochin , Maldives
Date of Sailing : 8 Feb 2017

Our Ships

The ship’s aesthetic is elegant and subdued—marble and rich wood interiors abound—and the abundance of nationalities cruising on this vessel lend to the Continental feel


Distinguished by its bold design (massive atriums and bold color schemes abound) and non-stop entertainment, Costa’s Italian influences can be found all over the ship.


Elegant and sophisticated, the Victoria cruise ship stands out for its modern design, fine details and works of art. The vessel is home to seven bars and lounges, three swimming pools, a theater, and a casino.


The Costa Marina cruise ship has a unique continental look and style.A transparent dome that lets the sky pour into the nightclub by day and become a sea-going planetarium by night


The Costa Mediterranea has a unique personality inspired by Italy's 17th and 18th century palazzi and castles, while the decks are dedicated to mythology in the Mediterranean Sea--a crossroads of cultures and civilizations


Costa Serena and her sister ship Costa Concordia, are the largest and longest ships in the fleet. The new Costa Flagship will be the ship of space and light. Its name symbolises harmony and serenity